Community Moderation Update!

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Community Moderation Update!

Hey there, Partiers! Just wanted to make you aware of some changes you’ll be seeing across many of our community sites such as Discord, the official Eek! Forums, the Steam Discussion boards, etc. In the very near future we’ll be bringing on a whole new team of experienced Community Managers! So, welcome Natalino, John, and GTB79! On social media sites like Twitter, you’ll also have Ace and Don available to help you out, so welcome them too!

These doods will be handling most day-to-day communication with you all, as well as organization and moderation within the community. They’ll be adding new features and improvements like a real-time troubleshooting ticket system on our Discord, and they’ll also ensure you have convenient access to helpful info, receive timely replies to your comments, questions, and bug reports, and can connect to others in the community and share in your House Party hype on a deeper, more intimate level. A level at which even Patrick might be uncomfortable. Or not...that part is optional, I guess.

The new team will have direct access to myself and other Eek! staff, so your feedback and any bugs/troubleshooting that can’t be easily resolved are still going to get the same attention as they always have, and then some! As for me, I will still be lurking around, reading through posts, reviews, guides, and occasionally I may drop in to chat you up. But otherwise I’ve gotta focus on content, development, QA, and other tasks that are critical to releasing things like Vickie’s update, the female playthrough, and getting us out of Early Access.

Good stuff, right? We hope you’re as hyped about it as we are! Later brahs, and keep an eye out for more juicy House Party content releases in the coming weeks!