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A Note on Ongoing Releases: Updated 7/12/2019

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 5:58 pm
by erasmus
Hey all, just wanted to touch base and pin a reminder about how often we put out updates. Before saying more on the topic, some of this does not apply to Patreon (e.g. we're still aiming for roughly two weeks between each update). Furthermore, please remember that this game is NOT finished yet (it's in Early Access) and these updates are not merely "free content updates" or anything like that. They are development updates, meaning their goal is to add core content and features, but not necessarily in form. You are joining our tiny studio on the path to completing a game, simple as that.

Anyway, we will be releasing Patreon updates approximately every two weeks, and we will be releasing Distributor site (Steam, GameJolt, Itch, etc.) updates as often as we can, but only when we deem them ready. Usually this takes roughly two months, but it often takes longer for larger updates. We will not be providing time windows or release dates for updates. This is simply due to the fact that we are a very small team. We have 5 consistent deliverable-focused staff, i.e. people who make pretty things, develop sexy things, write funny things, or test all the things.

This very small team is trying to create large chunks of content that won't be consumed within a matter of an hour, build upon existing mechanics and add new ones that we feel are required to complete the game, and which must use mechanics that are shared with our custom story system. Because of this small team size and how many hats each person wears, any illness, vacation, or even PC/software issue can cause huge holdups that push back deadlines. Also, we don't abuse the fuck out of our people. So the insane hours other studios might work are not a thing here. If you see me talking on Discord or the forums at 2AM, ignore that shit. That's Frank. He's real, and I keep him in the basement until I need him to do some work.

So why does this wall of text exist? Well, we've quite spectacularly failed to deliver on specific deadlines several times in the past, so there's no point in misleading you when we ourselves sometimes cannot always predict what's going to happen.

In short...

When is the Update?!
SO if you want to know generally when the next public release is, look at the date for the most recent update you received (Steam Store/News, Itch DevLog, etc.), and then add a few months. Somewhere around that time will be the next release. Otherwise, ask or search around here, on our official forums, Discord, or wait for us to post news about an update. We are going to try to be more communicative about future updates in terms of features and content so that you at least aren't sitting around with nothing to look forward to for awhile.

What are the Changes in the Next Update?!
If you are curious about what will be in an upcoming release prior to it becoming available, you can always get the notes for the testing versions we've worked on at the link below. For public releases, if you combine and compare the differences in each version against your current game version (so for example, as of the day of this post, add up all changes AFTER 0.8.8 up to 0.9.2) you will get a very good idea of what to expect in the next release. We will also post site-specific release notes shortly after updates go live.

We're busy. Very busy. And no, it's not. We'd tell you if we could no longer continue development and/or complete the product you paid for. That would probably be the shittiest of all "surprise mechanics" and we wouldn't do that to you.

7/12/19: Updated the language about our pace of releases/updates to no longer reflect the hilariously inaccurate "60 day window". Added further clarifications about the nature of updates, life, and other blah blah blah.