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For general House Party discussion, gameplay questions, and feedback. Also where to ask questions about how to avoid Frank of the House "Fister", First of His Name.
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Re: Helpful Links and FAQs

General FAQs

Are you working on a VR version?
Yes. We'll have more news on that as we get closer to exiting Early Access. For now, check out some of our progress here:

When is the female playthrough going to be added?
After Vickie's content is completed.

What are you working on? What's next? When is the next thing releasing?
First, look at the most recent news posts on Steam, our dev blog, website, etc. Additionally, we always put the notes for our most recent Patreon release here, and those changes will always make it into future releases on all platforms, for all customers:

Also, check out our roadmap. This is as specific as we can get for now about our work on House Party up through its exit from Early Access, House Party VR, and Office party: ... s-in-2020/

For more update info, see this link: ... 554300926/

I am playing on Steam. How do I un-censor House Party?
You can do this for free using our Explicit Content DLC, which you can access using the following link. Once you've clicked this link, you may have to manually enable it in your Steam client by selecting House Party in your library, right-clicking on it to access Properties (or use the small gear icon in the Steam UI), and then checking the box for it in the DLC tab: ... ent_AddOn/

Still having trouble un-censoring House Party? Check out this link: ... 796792154/

Where can I leave suggestions or feedback about House Party?
In the "Feedback and Discussions" section of our Steam boards, our House Party subreddit, Discord, or the House Party section of our Official Forums.
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Re: Helpful Links and FAQs

Technical FAQs

How do I install custom stories?
As of 0.16.5 you no longer need to manually install them. The recommended method for installing custom stories is to use the Custom Story Browser (the button in the top-right of the title/main menu screen), which will automatically install stories for you.

What if that doesn't work? What if I need to delete one or modify a custom story?
Should you need to manually install, delete, or modify any stories, you can copy-paste this location into Windows File Explorer to locate them: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Eek\House Party\Mods\Stories

I can't use the Custom Story Browser (CSB) on the title/main menu screen!
Check the following:

-That you can connect to our servers/domains (,,
-That you created an account correctly using a valid e-mail and a password that meets these criteria: at least 10 characters in length, at least one uppercase letter, at least one number, and at least one symbol such as '!'
-Try creating an account and signing in directly at
-That you verified your e-mail via the link we e-mail to you.
-That our confirmation e-mail didn't land in your spam folder(s)
-That CapsLock is off

If you have more issues, report them in the Bug Reports section and/or here: or on Discord.

My saves stopped working, what happened?
Each update is quite large, and results in improvements and changes to story scripting and the core House Party engine itself. These can often lead to incompatibility of save data between client updates. Unfortunately this is can happen when developing a single player, data-driven game. For instance, if we eliminate the need to load certain characters until they are needed (reducing loading time and CPU/GPU utilization), then saves from old versions that used to assume those characters and/or their data/behaviors would always exist or be handled in a certain way can run into major problems.

You can roll back to an earlier version using the "Betas" tab in the game's properties to make use of your old saves.

Other issues with save games can be caused by anti-virus/security software, Windows file compression, file management software, OneDrive, and more. See the other troubleshooting links in this post for more help.

Custom Stories stopped working, what happened?
Each update is quite large, and results in improvements and changes to story scripting and the core House Party engine itself. Custom Stories are essentially scripted data, and they call actions, events, and behaviors from the House Party engine. Changes to the scripting system or engine can cause Custom Stories to break. They will need to be updated by their Story Creator before being usable in newer game clients.

If you are playing on Steam or are a Patreon patron, you can roll back to an earlier version and still make use of old Custom Stories.

Where do I get a walkthrough?
We do not provide official walkthroughs, and full walkthroughs are not permitted here on Discord due to the length they can take up. However, you can find *unofficial, user-created* Guides here:

Still having technical issues? Post about them in our Bug Reports forum and don't forget to check out this link if you haven't already: ... 810331763/