Idea: Outside neighborhood & convinience store

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Idea: Outside neighborhood & convinience store

Post by TinkerTailor »

What about exploring the neighborhood outside of Madison's house and other nearby locations like a convenience store?

Sometimes at parties people may get drunk and decide to explore with others the surrounding area, or they might be asked to venture out to do a beer run.

Convenience Store
A convenience store located down the road from Madison's could allow for more opportunities as well as opening up more possibilities to completing current quests. Here's what could happen:
1. In the case that maybe characters ask you to go buy some drinks because of Frank guarding the liquor cabinet, you go down to get what they want. This could open an opportunity where suddenly you get back with some drinks and either Frank or Leah are at the door waiting to see what you brought back so you have to sneak it over Madison's fence.
2. If you accidentally gave either the wine or chardonnay to Frank stopping you from getting Stephanie drunk to complete her opportunity, you could go buy some more.
3. Money could be added to the game for the player to spend there. You may have enough to buy certain items, but suddenly you don't have enough to get what you need, so this could allow you to ask Derek or Patrick to lend you some. They may be hesitant at first, but perhaps you're able to convince them, or they may first ask you to complete a task for them before they hand some over.
4. Another option to getting a condom for Amy is to buy one from the convenience store, if you have any money left to spend.

Other neighborhood locations and opportunities
There could be some interesting things to do in the neighborhood and locations to visit.
1. Perhaps after finishing Vickie or Rachael's opportunities, you and either one of them could go on an adventure. There could be an empty house for sale which you could sneak into and have sex. Maybe there's a graveyard you could defile with your fornication. A large high school football stadium you can lay on the grass and do your thing on. A dark alley behind the convenience store to get a quick blowjob.
2. Maybe you'd want to commit pranks like setting flaming bags of poop on resident's doorsteps or orgasming on their porch.
3. You could run naked down the street and suddenly have a police officer chasing after you.
4. There could be gnomes to smash scattered around and once all destroyed unlocks an achievement.
5. If there's a graveyard, an opportunity for fans to have their names appear on gravestones with perhaps a small epitaph.
6. There could be a dealer that could sell you something to either take yourself or give to others to get high. When taking yourself, maybe weird effects start happening on the screen.
7. Perhaps a future character at the party lives nearby and they could take you back to their place.
8. Should you have thrown the dildo at the briefcase on top of the gazebo and lost it, you could then go outside the house to retrieve it.

Now of course the world is endless but there's a limit to how far the player can explore within a game. Either have invisible walls to stop the player from walking miles and suddenly falling off the edge or have traffic cones lined across the road or safety barriers stop you from going further. You could also do like in DreadOut where you just walk for miles as the road just seamlessly loops like seen here on Game Grumps.

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Re: Idea: Outside neighborhood & convinience store

Post by erasmus »

We don't have plans to expand the game world in the foreseeable future, but perhaps at least a couple of these could work for Office Party or post-release content for HP :D
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