missing core functionality within CSC

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missing core functionality within CSC

Post by Device666 » Fri Sep 14, 2018 10:06 am

Seriously needed making story scripts:
1. Nestable "Or" and "And" gates (especially handy when used in conjunction within "conditions" section)
2. "Multiply" and "Divide" options on values
3. For loop (now it can be done by running some trigger function at a frequency and start/stop it with a flag (variable))
4. Ability to create functions with custom local parameters
5. Read X coordinates of characters, movetargets, items
6. Read Y coordinates of characters, movetargets, items
7. Read Z coordinates of characters, movetargets, items

Fast calculations
* Read 2D Distance between characters and characters, items and movetargets
* Read 3D Distance between characters and characters, items and movetargets

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Re: missing core functionality within CTC

Post by peter980 » Fri Sep 14, 2018 11:49 am


I would also add ability to have parametes for the events/functions.

Think of possibily:

1) A single intimacy script that can work for all girls
2) Girl's name is parameter, so you can reuse intimacy, clothing, walking and pose commands.
3) For any girl specific handling have criteria that check for girl name and apply custom changes

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Re: missing core functionality within CTC

Post by Device666 » Fri Sep 14, 2018 6:58 pm

Yeah it would enable me to add functionality not yet implemented. Anyways, why not implementing an existing simple scripting engine. There are many small games that implement LUA not just for gui logic, in fact I know quite a few unity games that have implemented LUA. Ofcourse you may be aware that some novices will be daunted by it, but at one point users want to do more interesting stuff but hit limits of the current way so very soon. It's quite a deserving experience to be able to add yet unimplented functionality and to share some of eachothers scripts to reuse; to test experimental ideas which even may very well inspire the game developers to later add to the internal game code.

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Re: missing core functionality within CSC

Post by erasmus » Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:54 pm

#1 We are committed to and have already started planning for.

The rest we aren't so sure about implementing, at least not in the immediate future. Anything involving Vector3/coordinates is going to open up additional cans of worms, as using them right now can cause issues ranging from immediately and permanently broken pathing to extreme incidents of clipping to seemingly inexplicable cases where an intended behavior simply doesn't appear to execute (usually combining pathing, distance checks, and other internal functions that the CSC won't have access to or control over). I mean, I get it though. You can create some pretty enticing character positioning and eh...narrative scenery when combining warpto X Y Z, poses, and the more advanced console commands. Manipulating values and simplifying loops is probably more doable. Custom functions is highly debatable, although as someone who programs, it isn't like I don't see the appeal. We DO have plans to allow for execution of console commands from within the CSC so that may be a nice interim solution that will give some extra power to those that need it, albeit somewhat different from what you've requested.

So to shorten the above (and anything else I'd reply with) up, most of the concern is simply based upon the fact that right now we could not implement the majority of these and expect them to work in a way that would be satisfying, and putting them in place with usability and reliability in mind is, as with everything else, another scope adder on the dev timeline. We aren't exactly in a scope-creep-friendly mode at the moment. Eventually, maybe. I'd like to see an "easy" or "intermediate" mode for the CSC, and a section with some advanced options for "power users". It just may take a fair amount of time before we get there :|
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