Body Customization In Custom Stories

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Body Customization In Custom Stories

I'm not sure whether any or all of this is planned for future CSC updates, but I'll just give my thoughts on how I hope it's gonna work.

I'd like it if custom stories had the ability to export custom looks for any or all the characters, in order for the story to fit better with the author's vision for it. But at the same time, there ought to be the ability for a story to not specify custom looks for characters, so that authors can leave it to the individual player to craft the characters' looks to his/her own preferance, if that makes sense?

So like, maybe I have this specific vision of Brittney that I want to export with my story; or maybe I just want to write a hot romance story around Brittney, and I'll leave it to the player to decide what their hottest version of Brittney looks like, so that it can be as immersive as possible for them.

Additionally, I think you ought to be able to change character looks in-game. Like, for example, I can imagine this scenario where your girlfriend, Leah, comes home from a jog in her traditional dowdy jogging suit, and you tell her that she needs to get ready for the dinner party you're going to. So then she goes up to the bedroom, and steps out a little while later as this incredibly elegant evening goddess, having changed into the Liz Katz dress, changed her hair and put on some makeup.

Edit: And this in-game transformation feature ought to allow the new look to be the player's default preference for that specific character. So like, you can imagine a story where a girl starts out being a homely nerd character, but then once you get to the hot part, she transforms into the player's dream girl; which a story author would not be able to anticipate. Sort of like "She's All That".
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