[Feature Request] Some Features I Want To Suggest

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[Feature Request] Some Features I Want To Suggest

I'd like to suggest a few features, particularly for story creators to use.

1. Custom Cutscene Creator

I have a sneaking suspicion that this is going to get shot down immediately, but I'll run with it anyway. :?

With the game now seemingly transitioning it's focus from interactive sex to cutscene sex scenes, I think it'd be really great for creators to be able to present sex scenes of their own design.

As it is, the scenes we've been provided with seem to simply be scripts of character positions, poses/actions, and camera angles (and soundtrack, of course). I can't see why a program couldn't be developed to allow a custom story creator to use these elements to create their own scripts. You could still use the same library of poses/actions and locations as the game already has. All you need to do is allow the creator to choose the sequence of activities and to specify camera angles for each shot. Heck, I'm sure you guys use a program along those lines to script the cutscenes that come with the game.

2. Tit Sucking

I find tit sucking really hot. I'd love to see it included in the game so we can get a look at the Player character going to town on Ashley's melons. ;) You wouldn't have to mess with the breast physics to make it super authentic, IMO. For me, it would just be enough to see the Player's mouth buried in tit. That's all you'd need to see to know he was having a good time.

3. Custom Cell Phone Photos

I think it'd be great to have the ability to create your own racy photos to put on the in-game cell phones, so that you could have Rachel sexting you, or whatever.

Now I know what your thinking: if we allow users to include custom jpegs in their stories, what's to stop them putting inappropriate content into custom stories?

Well, what if the photos weren't a generic format like jpegs or pngs?

You know how, when you take a photo with the in-game camera, the photos are saved for real on your computer as PNGs in your House Party folder? What if you incorporated a function into the game that, in addition to saving PNGs on your computer, it also saved pictures in some encrypted format that could only possibly be generated by the House Party program? That way, users could incorporate custom racy photos into their stories, and you guys could sleep soundly at night, knowing that the only images custom story authors could possibly have shipped with their stories would be images generated within the House Party game itself.
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Re: [Feature Request] Some Features I Want To Suggest

1) We'd love to do and have discussed, but at this point the answer is the same as with so many other things: no time. I do have some ideas on how to make cutscene creation easier for our in-house doods and if we can tie that into a CSC/public-facing functionality, then we'll do that.

To sum this up quickly, all three ideas were really pretty good, I just can't commit to them because of how much is already on our plates. We'll definitely keep these in mind though, thank you!
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Re: [Feature Request] Some Features I Want To Suggest

#3 is an interesting idea, specifically if that opened up a sub-thing where you could browse phones messaging app, and if you stole madison's phone, it would randomly get texts from derek.

Or if you could text other characters from the cell phone you currently had, pretending to be that person. Would open up alot of story possibilities.
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