[Feature Request] List of Requests (Pretty Please)

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[Feature Request] List of Requests (Pretty Please)

I understand that the focus is now on finishing the game and moving onto Office Party, but I think a lot of my requests would add to the longevity of the game, and enhance the player experience with custom stories.


- Warpto Coordinates (Beyond Console Commands)
Rationale: It'd allow for more interesting positioning during moments where characters are talking with one another, interacting with each other, and having sex.

- Override Character Collisions
Rationale: I know that there's a property for Ignore Nav Mesh Restrictions, but either it doesn't work, or I'm not using it the way it's supposed to be used. The same rationale as above: It allows for more variety with positioning.

- More nonsexual poses for males
Rationale: Poses add a ton of realism when creating custom stories. Having girls with hands on their hips or behind their head makes a huge difference in trying to convey emotion. However, the guys having almost no non-sexual poses available to them.

- Bodypart Size (Beyond Console Commands)
Rationale: I know this has been requested a thousand times, and I'm adding my voice to everyone else's. I don't buy the reasoning that it'd create problems with alignment between models. First of all, alignment is already wildly off between most models, so there's not much more to mess up. Secondly, I believe that if users have the technical knowledge to use unity and custom story creator, they'll also have the technical knowledge to either avoid those alignment issues, or hide them visually (like how it's done in cutscenes).

- Better AI Pathfinding
Rationale: Maybe something changed in 20.3, or maybe I'm just noticing now, but when characters walk places using the WalkTo command, they end up hitting objects. Sometimes they don't even reach their target; they walk in circles around it.

- Fix OpenLabia
Rationale: Another one where I'm not certain if it's just me not using the function correctly, or if it's actually broken.

- Fix Increase Action Speed
Rationale: Another one where I'm not certain if it's just me not using the function correctly, or if it's actually broken.

- Timescale (Beyond Console Commands)
Rationale: A powerful tool in the right hands. I'm assuming the concern here is giving custom story creators control over graphics-related properties. Again, I think the few of us who use unity and CSC to make stories have the intelligence not to go blowing up players' graphics cards. Limitations can also be imposed so that doesn't happen. It'd allow for slow-motion scenes and a 'skip forward' function.

- WalkTo Player
Rationale: I assume the reason this hasn't been implemented is because of technical challenges. It'd be nice to disable user control and instead have the user sit back and watch the player walk to places, and then have control handed back to them.

- WarpItemTo Coordinates
Rationale: Same reasoning as warping characters to coordinates. If I can move items to precise locations, it'd allow for more creative storytelling

- Master Bathroom Zone
Rationale: I'm not sure if there's a reason behind why Master Bathroom doesn't have a zone, but it'd solve a lot of issues for me whenever events occur there.

- UnableToGetErection
Rationale: Sometimes IndefinitelyErect is useful; sometimes the opposite would be true. As far as I've experimented, to get an erection back down after it's up, I keep having to SendEvent Orgasm.

- Disable HUD Crosshairs and Disable Player Body (Free Camera Mode)
Rationale: It'd essentially create a floating camera that'd allow for some super interesting shots. Need I say more?

- Genitals Reaction Set To None By Default
Rationale: It's annoying to have to go through each character individually and make sure they don't freak out every time they see someone's genitals.

- More Music
Rationale: Music is important. It can completely change the tone of a scene. It'd be nice to have more options available, whether it's proprietary or copyright free. On a lesser note, it can be really tiresome listening to the same five tracks on repeat.

- Fade Out/Fade In Transition Speed
Rationale: This is a pretty insignificant request, but it would be nice to have control over the duration of the fade. Sometimes you just want it to cut straight to black.
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Re: [Feature Request] List of Requests (Pretty Please)

Most of this can be taken into consideration, but you're right about what we're focused on. So we'll get to those if and when we can.

A few more definitive comments:

-IgnoreNavMeshRestrictions is exposed to the CSC but does nothing at this time. I'm not sure what its intent was but we'll look into it as it is worded as something that should be useful :P

-"Better AI Pathfinding": would need examples that can be reproduced. This can definitely happen, however, if their path is entirely blocked by another Character. Easiest example would be you standing at the base of the stairs, right in the center of a step, and blocking an NPC that is trying to go upstairs.

-OpenLabia is only usable if paired with the UnableToOpenLabiaOrAsshole state and may only be easily observable in Cutscenes

-"Fix Increase Action Speed": Action Speed was causing Inverse Kinematic issues; it may not be reintroduced.

-We can add more UI or crosshair customization options but we are almost assuredly not going to offer a freeform/detached 3rd person camera. Technical difficulties and time and the like, not because we don't think it'd be cool. Maybe in OP!
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Re: [Feature Request] List of Requests (Pretty Please)

FYI the following will be added in 0.23.x:

CSC: FadeIn and FadeOut Game Events can now be called with a specified speed. Fade Outs, as usual, will occur immediately. Fade Ins will wait an additional two seconds before executing at a given speed. A provided value of 0 (default) or lower will simply result in a Fade executed at the default speed

CSC: added the IgnoreNavMeshRestrictions State (was previously a non-functional Property which was removed in 2021). This State will prevent Characters from being warped back onto a spot near the NavMesh when getting up from being Knocked Out, when initially being spawned, or when stuck while navigating
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