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Constructive Criticism

I feel like this game is too ambitious for its actual potential.

The game has a huge interactive storyline in the Original Story, and years have passed without it being finished. I would be critical about the time its taken so far but this isn't a major gaming company as far as I can tell. It feels like there are a couple of people only behind everything, and with such a small staff it is actually quite amazing how big of a game this is considering all of the work it must take to make it. However somethings don't make a lot of sense, for example how is it that the game has 10+ characters, yet it feels like it takes years for the new one to get made. I understand the amount of time and effort updating the game is not supposed to be the same as what it took to create it, but still, it feels like everything takes an eternity. The original story is quite fun, but I feel like its dragged out by now. I personally would've been fine with a smaller story if it meant the game was already finished by now. Lastly it feels like this game, while it is fun to play the original story initially, is more about making your own stories later on the CSC and playing out your own fantasies. Which is why I think the original story could've been done by now, so that the updates could be more centered around adding more options to the CSC like NPC's groping each other and stuff like that. I feel like that's what makes the game more intersting, I went quite some time without playing it until I saw the new threesome option, which was a cool update that made me interested again. Lastly I wanted to say that it would be better to give more realistic expectations with the deadlines you guys yourselves create.. I mean it has been I think more then two years since the game was meant to leave "beta-testing"or whatever, and be finished.. a deadline you made yourself.. and I don't even have any expectations for Office Party ever being a thing considering the description of the game was absurdly ambitious and it doesn't feel like its realistic to expect it within this life time seeing how long it takes for this game to finish. Anyhow, I don't mean for this post to be insulting or to make it look like I'm complaining about you guys, just some thoughts that I have on the management of this game overall. And I honestly don't have enough information to make any big claims here, this is just based on what I could tell so I apologise if I'm way off on all of this.
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Re: Constructive Criticism

No need to apologize, that's all pretty fair. Actual constructive criticism, just like the title says!

It's just been kind of a mad rush (and yeah, with only 1-5 technical/deliverable focused staff at any one time :| ), but we're tightening the reins now and a lot more focused on adhering to a singular vision for the project and completing the game. Our approach to working on Office Party will be considerably different than the one we took for House Party.
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