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Hey all! So my favorite part of this game is the part where you prank Ashley into getting naked and having to run through the house, with everyone laughing at her. More embarrassing pranks would be awesome! I’d love a story line where your entire goal is to just prank everyone at the party and embarrass them in some way, but depending on your choices, maybe it’s YOU who ends up naked and embarrassed instead! A multi-ending storyline with lots of ways to embarrass and get embarrassed (involving nudity of course) would be awesome (maybe even mix in a little bondage if you REALLY want to humiliate someone). This especially would be great once the female protagonist update rolls out :) If anyone else is interested in a custom storyline with pranks being the main focus, I’d love to help!
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Re: Pranks!

There are several things already built into the game that I see that could be supported by tweaking the plot:

1) There is still dialogue from an older prank that was removed where it's set up for Frank to walk in on Madison having intimate relations with the player. (This was escalated a bit to make the current plot, but I still see some version of this as being usable as an alternate ending if you don't invite Vickie, or changing it up to be less repetitive.)
2) Ashley's top could easily be working into a prank, if Madison has dialogue "suggesting" that Ashely's top is almost ready to pop. (I actually think that should almost be a requirement or path before the "where is the bathroom" line starts, with the Sky Animal conversation being the possible alternate path to help extend things just slightly on the sibling war series of plots)
3) The camera may be good for additional quests.
4) Simon says is still in there, but I think it both allows too much, and blackmail should really kill the quests.

Trying to expand the prank war just between the two sisters seems interesting to extend the plot (adding new levels in the beginning and middle of the plot, since the final prank in each chain is already pretty extreme on both sides.)
The approach I'm trying to take:
1) Need to either have pranks where player involvement isn't known to the person being pranked (which the examples above don't do a good job with unless there are changes) in order to keep trust with both participants. (Some smoothing over could work, but it should only get you so far.)
2) The player can continue to egg on the rivalry, getting things to push further and further as each side gets upset after getting pranked. This could be driven by dialogue and possibly some alcohol to help fuel things.

I'm working with a pool of 8 pranks right now. But very interested in ones others think could be doable in the engine.
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