Interchangeable clothing

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Interchangeable clothing

Is there any plan to make different characters clothing interchangeable, Ashley's top on Amy etc? Obviously, this would all be via console or possibly coded via CSC templates.

Also, additional upvote for possible foot content. Thanks!
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Re: Interchangeable clothing

i really don't think they could do that considering the clothing is modeled to the original characters body so what would fit ashley won't really fit well on any other character
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Re: Interchangeable clothing

I wonder if old clothes fit with reworked models

There was also a different dress for Katherine

Changing clothes is messier than other operations like changing head size, both can bring weird results but while enlarging a head is just a console command a cloth seems to have more work, you have a special command to change two different pattern of panties and also there are cases where a model don't have that kind of cloth (for example Ashley doesn't have a bra, Stephanie lacks both bra and bottom, Lety has only two pieces).
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Re: Interchangeable clothing

We have no plans at this time to enable fully interchangeable clothing for use across multiple characters. Maybe in Office Party ;)
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Re: Interchangeable clothing

It would also be cool if you could change characters hair colours, like all girls blonde or brunettes (tho doubt it will happen) :p
But I can dream
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Re: Interchangeable clothing

eekdon wrote: Mon Sep 06, 2021 5:02 pm We have no plans at this time to enable fully interchangeable clothing for use across multiple characters. Maybe in Office Party ;)
Fair enough. But I'd like to log a couple of specific requests:

1. An alternate outfit for Leah.

Leah is one of the hottest babes in the game, but she looks so plain in that damn jogging suit. And the aesthetic railroads her in to a particular character archetype. The outfit suits her original story persona well, but if you want to use her in a custom story, your basically confined to casting her as a personal trainer, or the like.

It's be great if you could give her a sexy evening dress, or something. So if you wanted to make like a "Date Night With Leah" story, her fashion wouldn't seem so out of place.

IMHO, all the other characters have a sort of generic fashion scheme, which makes them look appropriate in pretty much whatever role the creator wants to cast them in. But Leah? There's not a lot you can do with her before it starts to feel a bit silly.

2. Bring back Katherine's original outfit as an alternative.
cesidio wrote: Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:39 am There was also a different dress for Katherine
Yeah, and I'd love to be able to dress her in it again.

I have to admit that her new outfit, with the fishnets and everything, suits her hardass character in the Original Story much better then her old one.

But, once again, the new look sort of confines her to a certain character type.

Katherine has a really petite physique and a cute look to her, and with her old outfit it would've been really easy to re-characterize her into various "softer", or more conservative roles. Think catholic schoolgirl fantasies; seducing the sweet, shrinking violet, ect.

But those characterizations are harder to sell the way she dresses now. Her fashion is unambiguously confident and provocative.

Maybe I've just gotten too used to thinking of her the way she used to dress, but I had several ideas about how to use her in a story, which don't flow so well with her new look.

I think it'd be great to give story creators the option of using "old Katherine" if they want her.
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