My wishlist

In this forum you can submit wish list items for the Custom Story Creator. If you are stuck in your story and need the ability to do something that the tool currently does not offer, this is the place to post a request to build a way to do it into the Story Creator.
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My wishlist

Post by Fyrewind »

I would like to share my own wishlist here. I understand some may be Pie in the sky, or difficult to develop but just for fun, I will mention them.

A) Intimacy Stuff:

I saw a lot of good suggestions on this and I'm in support for more positions, but these are the ones I want to see the most:

1 - Titjobs. Seeing Brittney, Ashley and Leah in the game is just begging for this position to be added. My number 1 item on the list I want.
- In the hot tub - on their knees - while lying down on their back
2- Reverse Cowgirl, on the ground and while sitting on a chair/couch
3- Making out with a girl seated next to you on a couch
4- Girl next to you on couch leaning over and giving a BJ (or on her knees on the ground in front while you are seated)

B) More clothing:

Someone on this forum mentioned cheerleading outfits and I saw Erasmus' reply. I like this idea plus Bikinis. It can't be just Rachael wearing one!
But I suspect this would be more for the modders out there to make a variety of sexy outfits if modding will be a thing after this game is completed.
These don't need to be in the original story if prefered. Instead some extras in the CSC.

C) More Objects

Some extra objects for CSC users to have fun with. Some examples:

1- BBQ (I suppose the fire pit can play this role)
2- Holiday themed like a Jack O' Lantern or the option to replace the bug zapper with a hanging bat with electronic sound for example.
3- Box of tools (Plumber here, I'm here to fix your..... 'leak')
4- Beach ball

D) 3rd person camera for sex scenes with camera control.

Cheers people! :)

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