[Feature Request] A Few Small Additions

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[Feature Request] A Few Small Additions

1. A Bra As A Collectable Item
As far as I can see, this doesn't exist yet. There are collectable items for Ashley's and Vickie's panties, and Amy has the PinkUnderwear item which is pretty much a twofer camisole/panty combo. But there's no standalone bra that I can find.

2. A Bra For The Female Player
Once again, if this exists, I can't figure out how to turn this on. I know a bra wouldn't be compatable with the Original Story's "flash boobs" dynamic, but it'd be useful for custom story authors to have the ability; especially in terms of being able to put the player in the hottub without making her a shameless exhibitionist. Perhaps 2 bras might be a good idea? A bikini bra for hottubbing, and maybe some lacy lingerie for intimate encounters?

3. A Condition That Checks The FadeOut/FadeIn Status
Sometimes you want to get your timing right with firing events only after a Fade Out/In has completed, and it's not as simple as just loading everything in to the same sequential Event sequence that contains the Fade Event. So it's be really handy to have something like a "Fade State" condition, to determine where exactly you are in a fade sequence. My idea is that it should be something like the format:

Code: Select all

Fade State [Equals/Does Not Equal](Selector) [*Various States*](Selector)

With the various possible states being:
No Fade
Fading In
Fading Out
Fading (An OR value that returns true if the game is either fading in or out)
Black Screen

It is currantly possible to construct such a testing mechanism yourself in the CSC, but doing so is cumbersome, and requires the author to dilligently alter variables every single time they create any fade event in their story. IMHO, this could be done so much easier and more effectively within the game code.
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Re: [Feature Request] A Few Small Additions

1) I'll note it down; we'll see what we can do in the future.

2) Yeah, she does not have one at this time. We may get around to that in the future.

3) Hah, that's exactly how some of the code is set up. It would be easy to reference these via criteria and also give two event trigger behaviors that can be tied to the termination of the effects: OnFadeInComplete and OnFadeOutComplete. I'll also note this for later.
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