Amy, Arin & Dan can't pee

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Amy, Arin & Dan can't pee

Hi there,
first of all, this may not be a CSC bug but it's simply not implemented.
I'm not sure, but I thought this would be the right place to post this.
I've tested with all characters.

When I send the event "Start Peeing" it will work for every charcter except Amy, Arin and Dan.


edit: by "not implemented" I mean attached to their mesh.

edit 2: Sry, for the lame research on my side. Regarding Arin & Dan I read the bug-report "New Characters"
and I get that they won't be able to pee. But Amy should be able to, so let's reduce it to Amy can't pee.
The fact that the event "Start Peeing" won't work on her is either a bug in the CSC or like I already stated above,
the effect is not attached to her body.

System specs: CPU, GPU, System RAM/Memory, Operating System and 32 or 64 bit OS?
intel i7-4790k / nvidia gtx 980ti / 32gb ram / win10 x64

Custom Story Creator version

Version of House Party you are trying to make a story for

Can you repeat the issue, or does it only happen in certain circumstances?
Always when the event "Start Peeing" is being send

If you remember, did this issue occur (or occur differently) in a previous Custom Story Creator version?
Dunno -> I've not used older versions
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