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FYI when Enabling or Disabling NPCs in 0.19.4

Posted: Thu May 27, 2021 11:26 am
by erasmus
This is a supplement related to the EnableNPC guidance provided here:

For 0.19.4, PhoneCall or Compubrah cannot be the only NPCs Enabled in a game session. You must have at least one other NPC enabled such as Amy, Derek, etc.

For example, this is no bueno:

This would also make the game very sad, but only after Amy went bye-bye:

So to fix this issue, make sure you enable at least one other NPC (one associated with a body/Character model, like Amy, or even...Patrick) before you enable PhoneCall and/or Compubrah, and at no point should you DisableNPC all other NPCs except for PhoneCall/Compubrah. The Player just can't be alone with them. Too spooky.

Enabling any other NPC before PhoneCall/Compubrah, just by simply putting them first in the Game Event order, will ensure your story works.