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tiny & easy to fix bug

Posted: Mon Apr 05, 2021 5:21 pm
by Device666
Hi Erasmus

I found a tiny bug, which is just a string so extremely simple to solve.

So what is the problem then?
I am still working on my advanced webbased custom game editor. It uses an autocalibrative way to do automated updates of a story when a new version of Houseparty comes out. So if a new version of houseparty is out which for example requires to add an NPC, it is smart enough to do that automagically on an older story and update the whole caboodle of the file contents to the new. And if it cant resolve it will pinpoint me of the exactly of those changes that dont play along with my world domination plans.

However the script is somewhat sensitive still for typos that are made in the actual fileformat (so not in user content). I found a way to get around it also automagically so no biggie, HOWEVER for the nitpicky-simple-spelling-bug-in-the-fileformat-sake.... Mkay? :P

Its an infinitely small effort to fix it, so the upside has to be astronomically gigantic... :o
It can for example be forwarded to an internship... And have complete piece of mind it wont have high impact on existing code at all. It's one of the nicest and most kind of bugs that could ever pester you... It gets almost squashed by the mere looking at it in the source files..
So... It fixing it probably wont even include refactoring... Chances are high, the fix is actually 1 keystroke.. Maybe two. If it would require more, I want to congratulate you working for big enterprise. You know I am just trying to be funny here, foolin around. Ok so now I will be serious...
Here it comes...
wait for it ...

class: [AlternateTexts]
name: critera, type: ARRAY
name: order, type: INT
name: show, type: BOOL
name: text, type: STRING

The field ''critera"should ofcourse be "criteria"just as everywhere else in the format. You forgot the "ï" in "critera" in AlternateTexts. How dare you! :P It killed a little kitten.. :twisted:

Anyhow, the more eyeballs the merrier, right? 8-)

Did I just say: "will pleeeeaaaaaaaaaassee fix it?" :P

Or will that lil'bug gets its whole own support ticket?

Re: tiny & easy to fix bug

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:12 am
by erasmus want us to spel better? That detinitely will ned a set of tikets and it's own Sprint cycle or well loose track and counter redressing.

Re: tiny & easy to fix bug

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:26 pm
by erasmus
Alright I let that sass marinate for a bit. Been meaning to fix that sort of thing for awhile. Will look into it when I can.