Auto-Pruning (Deletion) of Forum Content

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Auto-Pruning (Deletion) of Forum Content

No forums or subforums will auto-prune/delete content, EXCEPT for the Custom Story Showcase where custom story files are posted. The only reason this forum is being auto-pruned is so that players cannot accidentally obtain copies of old custom stories that no longer work, and to ensure a focus on fresh, actively updated content.

Custom Story Showcase posts will be reviewed every 30 days by the phpBB system and if they have not been posted to in 8 months, they will be removed.

We will also occasionally perform a manual review of the Custom Story Showcase forum. Note that this does NOT mean we are reviewing them for quality, genre, or..."content themes". We aren't Steam, folks ;)

Re-direct links created when moderators/admins move a post from one forum to another forum will remain for 7 days. At that time the original post will be removed, leaving only the moved post in its new location.