A Couple issues

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A Couple issues

Post by mudkip » Sun Aug 12, 2018 1:57 am

1. Amy sex sounds bug - she continues to make the sounds after you go down on her until you talk to her

2. Spare Room door lock - this isn't really a bug, but the spare room where ashley and amy have sex with you should be lockable, as people tend to walk in a lot.

3. Also not a bug - Add directives for all characters so we can ask them to leave a room when we need them too. The only people who have it really are Derek, Frank, and Madison. A lot of characters are hard to move around cause you cant tell them to. Maybe have directives to guide all characters to all rooms!

4. Getting everyone drunk - also not really a bug, but I suggest that there either be more alcohol (hard liquor) in the cabinet, the natty lites in the cabinet can be picked up, or all the natty lites given to frank can be taken back after you beat him up. I hope you're working on an orgy quest and getting everyone drunk would probably be a part of that.

Also just want to say that this game is completely ridiculous, but I love it. Saw it on Game Grumps and they did a hilarious playthrough. You (Erasmus) should contact them and tell them to keep playing it more with the new updates! They need to finish Amy!!

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