[Feature Request]Variable values in dialogue text

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[Feature Request]Variable values in dialogue text

Post by chimneyfish »

I'm not sure how feasible this is, but I've seen it in toolsets for other games, so I'll throw it out there.

My #1 wishlist item for the CSC would be the ability to put variable values (text or number) directly into NPC dialogue text, player response text, and display game message text.

Yes, you can already sort of accomplish this using multiple alternate lines of text, each with it's own criteria, but it's a lot of work and limits the number of variable values you can support. Especially once you start getting into combinations of multiple variables. The ability to have one line of text with a token for the game to insert the variable value(s) would open up a lot of additional possibilities for custom stories (e.g., card games).

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Re: [Feature Request]Variable values in dialogue text

Post by ttant »

I totally agree with such feature. This might be a good alternative to multi-step quest when you need to do a same thing multiple times (ie present yourself).
This will also allow author to implement a money system in-game, or ease renaming a character (one variable with the name, one change to replace Amy by Jenna)

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Re: [Feature Request]Variable values in dialogue text

Post by erasmus »

It'll be added :) been meaning to get to it for a bit. Got a slew of CSC updates planned over the course of the next couple updates!
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