NPC giving item to player

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NPC giving item to player

Post by MadMax1888 »

I can not figure out how to have a NPC give an item to the player (I.E. Madison give a condom to player)

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Re: NPC giving item to player

Post by ttant »

There is no give/take animation (as far as i know). So i guess, you just have to use the add-stuff-in-player-inventory way.
I think the way derek give you his shirt in original story can help you on how to do that.

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Re: NPC giving item to player

Post by erasmus »

You could also reference the "KatReachPlayerToStealJammer" event in the Original Story. This is a little event that causes Katherine to reach toward the Player and take the cell jammer out of his inventory. An IKReach event that gets toggled very quickly is about as close as we can get to an animation right now. The rest is just Player : Inventory events.
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