[UPDATED][Complete Story] A man with a dream [0.8.3]

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[UPDATED][Complete Story] A man with a dream [0.8.3]

Postby Housepartyhard » Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:12 pm

***Go to the bottom for the good news***

Original post:

Hello everybody, nice to meet you all.

So I came across the Jim Sterling review on this game a few weeks ago, he of course was condescendent and thought it was shit, I thought it was awesome, so after checking out the game I got in on a steam sale. I played the game for a while and found about the custom modes, played a few of them and I told myself "I can do that". Well, I can't.

My original idea was to make a little mod in order to have all the girls naked, wasted and at the same place with the love positions unlocked after the end of the original history. Did so and thought it would be funny to personalize some of the dialogue: girls saying my name, revealing my darkest secrets and create a few new scenarios. I started working on that, I have zero experience with unity or any kind of game development, and after sinking several hours into it I realized that it would take me a significant amount of effort to make something half decent, since I'm kind of an idiot.

As a result of this epiphany I decided to put actual effort on something for a change and make a story worth releasing to you guys, I want to make you happy. I ditched the original story, the references to myself and weirdest stuff in favour of a timeless love story. As such, I present to you...

Your girlfriend Brittney is older than you and carries some baggage in form of daughters and wacky hobbies, but you really love her and after a terrible day at the office you only want to cuddle with her, have a drink and a blowjob.
But her hot daughters have been behaving strange lately and on top of that your annoying sister came for a quick visit... a month ago. Things aren't working out and Brittney is starting to distance herself, you can't risk losing the love of your life! This shit must be fixed tonight, by any means necessary.

Brittney: Your MILF girlfriend, single mom, loving person and with boobs capable of hipnotizing you. Lately, thought, since the household mood has been turning into shit she's been colder with you.
Rachael: Brittney's older daughter, she's kind of a bitch and doesn't care much about you.
Katherine: Brittney's younger daughter, the opposite to Rachael, she's naive and nerdy, and admires her step daddy a lot
Vickie: Katherine says she is a school friend and is supposedly at the house to do homework with her, but the fact that you haven't met her previously and looks suspiciously like a hooker raises too many eyebrows with Brittney and Rachael. You just think she's hot.
Stephanie: Your little sister, you haven't seen her for years but recently she showed at the house for a visit and has stayed there since. She drinks too much, she smokes pot and is a fuck up in general. You and her have some history together back from your teenager days, that you are not really interested in reliving.

This custom story features strong language and themes of love, hate, death, coming of age, incest, retro games, revenge, likely unfunny jokes, college loans, shattered dreams, alcohol and drug usage, anal sex, walls of text and more (not really). If any of those awesome things offend you, this mod is not for you.
All sex depicted is healthy and consensual and all the caracthers are portrayed as 18 or more. If those ages don't make sense to you in the context of the story don't look at me, ask Japan.

In order to keep the story flowing and minimize the bugs, this adventure is 95% text based, with very limited item interaction, think about it as a visual novel. The positive side is I got rid of the give and inspect buttons in favour of love actions so as you progress in the game you will be able to do more with the girls quite easily. Once you reach the postgame all the girls will be available as well as some additional actions not available through the main story.

A man with a dream
Just an old trick
Sweet opportunity
College counseling
A grateful guest
Exposing the truth
High hopes
Even higher hopes
Ghost hunting
Platinum trophy

Hide and seek
The boys are back in town
Free mode
*** More on that topic below

As explained, since I don't have the slightest idea of what I'm doing on unity I decided to keep the story as simple as possible and the dialogue trees should railroad you all the way to the end without much hassle, as long as you go with the flow should be fine. I have spent a lot of time bug hunting (more like "I fucked up" hunting) and I'm pretty confident you shouldn't hit any dead end as long as you behave and don't try to break the game, i.e.: if a girl asks you to go somewhere just follow her lead instead of blocking her at the stairs and trying to get the new dialogue before she's done.
If you skip all the text and don't know what to do, the quest log will explain to you very clearly what to do. If you still don't know what to do, try asking the girls for a second time.
One of the items in the house, used in the original main game, will take you straight to end, though depending on your progress at the point you trigger the cheat it wil likely fuck with most of the scripts, so save before using it.
Madison isn't featured in the game because I couldn't figure out a way to write her into the plot. I did write a character and quest for Amy, but I don't know why I'm unable to get her to stay in one place, not sure if there is a bug with the creator or there's a trigger buried somewhere that I can't find, so I ditched her.
I also wrote a quest for the boys but again I wasn't able to do what I intented so I ditched them too. Fuck them. On that note thought if you explore the house thoroughly (or the game randomly fucks up at the beginning, both scenarios are possible) you will have a hint of what happened to them. If at some point I figure out how to do what I imagined maybe I'll update the game with the cut quests. That is if you buy the seasson pass, of course.
If someone can explain me how to get rid of the resting time, I'll update that into the game as free DLC.
English is not my native language so excuse any grammar errors and weird word placement, non native speakers should be fine. Also there's no academy for bitch teenager slang, so if you feel like some sentences are ripped off life is strange's Cloe, is because they are.

Fellow creator mada7 has been nice enough to explain me how to remove the orgasm recharging bar, this allows to fix a few scenarios with mandatory sex scenes because they wouldn't trigger if it was recharging, also the penis will be automatically out at the start as well. The function has been added to the "fuck pussy" command with the wheel in the post game for all the girls as well, so you won't have to wait around for it. An unforeseen positive side effect is that using the command will also recharge in the middle of the sex, so you can make it last as long as you want without having to reset.
Also a few set of dialogue have been fine tuned.

I have the feeling that this game can gain some traction, there are some good ideas in there and also lack of competition, but the game runs like shit, has plenty of bugs and the load times are almost unbearable. The creator also lacks features and has inconsistencies, so to build a community you should improve on that otherwise you will only atract creeps like me. Release the game, make it awesome and people will be super happy to throw money at you, look at the honey select community to see the lenghts people will go for digital titties, and that's in a situation were Illusion refuses to sell the game to us.
I have read in the forums something about a new project called office party: DON'T EVEN FUCKING THINK of selling us another early access game without finishing this one, it wont end well neither for you nor your customers.

That's all, hope you all have fun with it. I have played through it dozens of times while testing so I don't even know if it's any good anymore, you will be the judge of that.
Back to my cave

Yours sincerely,
A random guy
A man with a dream.zip
(350.62 KiB) Downloaded 1901 times
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Re: [Complete Story] A man with a dream [0.8.3]

Postby ttant » Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:38 pm

Housepartyhard wrote:PS As a final fuck you from this experience appears that a 300k file is too much for the forum, I don't know how to compress it any further, so download the three separate files and put them all together in the same folder. I use izarc, if someone can explain to me where I messed up I'll fix that too. Thank you.

It's probably because this is your first post...

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Re: [Complete Story] A man with a dream [0.8.3]

Postby Sodyaler » Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:00 am

If the story is half as good as your explanation of everything, this will be a blast

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Re: [Complete Story] A man with a dream [0.8.3]

Postby sevenfold96 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:45 am

I extracted all 3 files, but I don't see the story in the list. Did I do it wrong?

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Re: [Complete Story] A man with a dream [0.8.3]

Postby Glvsave31 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:30 am

I'm having the same problem. The story isn't showing up in the program.

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Re: [Complete Story] A man with a dream [0.8.3]

Postby Housepartyhard » Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:41 am

Glvsave31 wrote:I'm having the same problem. The story isn't showing up in the program.

Weird, I have removed my own folder and installed after downloading the three zip folders and works alright. The third zip file is the one with the .story file. Mind that you should rename the folder were you put all the files as "a man with a dream" without the number in order to show up.
I'll stick around the forums for a while if you are having further issues, I'm obsessed with removing the orgasm recharging bar but I'm too stupid to do so.

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Re: [Complete Story] A man with a dream [0.8.3]

Postby Macclane » Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:19 am

Sorry but i can't find the downloads link???


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Re: [Complete Story] A man with a dream [0.8.3]

Postby Housepartyhard » Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:25 am

Macclane wrote:Hello,
Sorry but i can't find the downloads link???


Hi, please check now. Thank you

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Re: [Complete Story] A man with a dream [0.8.3]

Postby Macclane » Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:37 am


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Re: [Complete Story] A man with a dream [0.8.3]

Postby evilbefall » Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:27 am

when i extracted 3rd download link i only get brittney and story file
extracting from the second link gives me derek frank katherine ashley character files
and no map character and story files to put in eek story folder
and no madison character file

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