[incomplete story] DemonStory 0.5 [0.7.3]

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[incomplete story] DemonStory 0.5 [0.7.3]

Postby jikmml » Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:28 am

Hey guys,

You're a vampire hunter, freshly recruited (very freshly in fact) and you're on your first case.

Always happy to receive suggestions + feedback!

P.S. Walkthrough will be available soon after I finish the story.

To do:
Give Ashley dialog and change Kath's ashley line to "Have met ashley"
Add more action scenes to Kath + Brit. Add even more to Mad.
Add a line to Katherine defending Vicky

Update 1:
-Added Britney + Ashley. Ash has a new mechanic if you can figure out what it is.
-Added more dialogue options for Madison.

Update 2:
-Added Vickie.
-Added Kathrine. Fuck Kathrine.

Update 3:
-Diaogue bug fixes
-Removed madison's quest on startup.

Update 4:
-Added Rachael + her quest.

Update 5:
-Gave stephanie her quest. Hers is probably a good quest to figure out, though it's effectiveness will be limited until the game's done.

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