[Complete Story (Updated to v.1.4)] Mystery Invitation [0.6.5]

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[Complete Story (Updated to v.1.4)] Mystery Invitation [0.6.5]

Postby MajorGrimbly » Thu Aug 03, 2017 9:34 pm

Hey! Long-time listener, first-time caller. Or, if you’d prefer – which you should, because it’s more accurate – recent lurker, first-time poster. I’ve been messing around with the House Party story creator over the last couple of weeks, and I decided that I’d post the fruits of my labor, since it feels a little less like I’ve just been doing it for myself this way. It’s called Mystery Invitation (silly name, which will be explained in a minute), and it is, in my estimation as complete as it’s going to be, barring the possibility of fixing any bugs I missed during my play-tests. Read on if you’re interested, or just jump right for the download link.

You’ve received a text message from an unknown sender informing you about a house party not far from where you live. Included with the text are pictures and brief descriptions of the party-goers. Deciding that the opportunity for a little drinking, a little dancing and maybe a hookup are more appealing than a night at home, you resolve to crash the party. And, even though you don’t really care who sent you the text, you also figure you might learn the identity of the sender if you show up.

This little story is, as I said, the product of a couple of weeks messing around in Unity with the House Party story creator. I hadn’t really intended to post it here initially, but once I decided I was finished with it, I figured ‘why the hell not?’ This is a story completely original from the main story included with the game: there are no shared dialogues, item descriptions (although the items themselves are all still in the same places; there is no way to change that within the confines of the story creator), stories or even personalities. Madison and Ashley, for example, are not sisters in this one (although Madison and Katherine are cousins). It’s also not exactly the funniest thing in the world, since I had never really intended it to leave my own hard drive, and as I was practicing, I wasn’t worried overmuch with humour. It’s got a light tone definitely, and there are things in there that might amuse you, but I can’t say that there’s anything in there that’s going to make anyone go ‘wow, that was quite funny.’ (Now that I’ve lowered some expectations, maybe some of it will seem funnier).

You have the option to take a tumble through the sheets with each of the six girls at the party, although because this is an original story, none of the lines are voiced, and there are no reaction noises from anyone that does not have them in the original game (every character gasps in shock when you stroll around with your willy waving, for example, but only Katherine and Rachael makes noises when you’re in bed together).

Because this was me getting to know the story creator, there are a couple of things worth knowing. The first is that sex is the only available option for each girl (sorry, no blowies this time around). It’s also very dialogue-heavy. I was figuring out the ins-and-outs of the dialogue system, experimenting with values and dialogue routes, which of course equals a lot of talking. And, since there aren’t any voices, that means that you’ll have to do a lot of reading, if you’re so inclined. I was also, to a far lesser extent, experimenting with the item system. All of the item descriptions are new – for no other reason than I felt like it, really – and there’s actually one item you can pick up that was a usable item in the original story, but not an inventory item. This being an experimental story is also why the name is kind of silly. I just needed something to call it to keep all the individual pieces uniform.

I think that’s everything. There are some tips and general advice in the section below, and I also lay out some of the bugs that are still present (most of which are linked to the current version of the game and so aren’t really possible for me to fix), so if you want a bit of guidance going in, feel free to read on.

Tips and General Guidance
For anyone who’s looking for a bit of advice, there are a couple of things worth knowing. The first is that Rachael is going to be pretty much your best friend in a lot of ways. She’s the one at the party who knows the most about the other guests, and as a result, once you get to know her and the other guests a little bit, she can offer advice if you talk to her. What this basically means is that gives a hint about a specific quest for each character. Initially, I was planning on having this dialogue actually trigger other dialogue paths (if you know something about a character, you can ask them about it specifically), but it seemed that it wouldn’t always trigger. Sometimes it would, and sometimes it wouldn’t. This has actually led to a continuity error, wherein you can mention to Brittney something about herself, but the dialogue is predicated on knowledge you may or may not have, depending on whether or not you talk to Rachael about Brittney. I left in the dialogue, but took out the trigger, so the player character is actually possessed of knowledge they shouldn’t have. Anyway, the basic message here is: if you’re stuck, Rachael might be able to help.

The other thing I want to mention is that, because the game is so dialogue heavy, there are often times when new dialogue becomes available immediately after you finish a conversation. It’s always worth talking to a character until they have nothing left to say, because you might score yourself some friendship points immediately after a dialogue exchange (in which you also might have earned some friendship points), or a line of dialogue will earn you enough friendship points to trigger a dialogue exchange that leads to a quest or something. Basically: talk to everyone until they have nothing to say.

Also: inspect the safe in the upstairs closet. Inspecting the safe activates a trigger that is necessary for a dialogue option with a character to pop up that will help you open it later on. I feel the need to mention that because I realize now, as I’m writing this, that that particular method is a bit obtuse. If I choose to use the safe in future projects, I’ll figure out a different way for the player-character to learn the combination.
I’m also sorry about Frank. Putting him in the dark corner of the backyard was a way for me to highlight his particular story-arc, but in repeat play-testing, I’ve realized that it’s kind of annoying. If enough people play this, and come to the same conclusion I do, I might decide to relocate him. I just don’t know if it’s a completely bad idea, or that playing it so much has made me come to hate it. That’ll be up to the player-base to decide, ultimately.

There’s also technically an ‘end-state’ to the game. Basically, after you’ve ridden the beast with two backs with every girl once, a thought-bubble dialogue pops up every ten minutes or so, reiterating that you’ve done all there is to do. This doesn’t kick you out of the game, of course – you’re free to run a repeat performance with every girl at the party as many times as you want – but that is the ‘you’ve beaten this story’ message. Speaking of repeat performances: if you want to trigger repeat sex, you have to make sure you’re alone in the master bedroom, with the door locked, and that the player’s orgasm isn’t recharging. If one of those conditions isn’t met, the dialogue won’t trigger. Just a little heads-up.

I think that’s all I wanted to say, though: talk to everyone until they won’t talk anymore, see if Rachael has any interesting advice to offer if you get stuck, forgive me for Frank, and remember that the way to open the safe is a bit obtuse.

Known Bugs
I’ve tested, re-tested, double-tested and triple-tested this thing. I’ve put over 50 hours into House Party over the last couple weeks, and most of them have been spent in various builds of this story. As a result, I know for a fact that it is completely possible to reach the point where you do the horizontal mambo with every girl at the party, but that doesn’t mean I caught everything. There are a couple of possible bugs that might still exist in the design, and a few things I know are present that I can’t fix because they are problems with the current version of House Party.

Stuck on the Bed: After having sex with a girl, she will always get stuck on the bed. Always. There is nothing I can do to fix this, but I can offer a couple of solutions. The first is to create a save after you reach the point where each girl’s sex dialogue becomes available. The last quest for each of the girls is bringing them their preferred type of alcohol, so once you have given each girl her drink, create a save, and then just choose who you want to go with, have their scene and reload. This is annoying, but it does solve the problem.
The other thing you can do is a bit weird. Basically, immediately after you’ve finished your no-pants-dance with a girl, when your character stands up, the girl will still be lying on the bed for a couple of seconds. When you stand up after sex, you too will be standing on the bed. As soon as you stand, walk to the head of the bed (so that the girl is lying between you and the foot of the bed), and when she stands up, walk into her. Walking into another character will cause them to back up a few steps, and it’s possible to guide a girl off of the bed this way. The problem with this method is that if you wait for the girl to stand up before you reposition yourself, she might be too close to the head of the bed to get in behind her. If this happens, instead of backing away toward the edge of the bed, she might just back up toward one of the nightstands that are sitting beside the bed. If she backs up onto a nightstand, she really will be stuck: she can’t walk off the edge of the nightstand, just back onto the bed. I’d still recommend creating a save before you take one of the girls to bed, just in case she gets stuck in this way, but again, it’s a way to get around what is essentially a problem with the current build of House Party, and one I can’t circumvent. Also worth noting: if you accidentally walk off the bed before pushing the girl off of it, just interact with the bed to trigger the ‘lay down’ state. Then, move yourself away from the edge of the bed. This will cause the player-character to stand up on the bed so you can then push the girl off of it.

Saving Naked: DO NOT SAVE YOUR GAME WITH A NAKED CHARACTER IN VIEW. This, again, is a problem with the game’s current version. If you save a game with a naked character in sight, you will be unable to load that save. When it loads, it will simply go to a black screen. Occasionally, the save will load successfully if you wait long enough (five to ten minutes is what I’ve been reading), but not always, and if doesn’t load, you’ve lost that save. To keep yourself safe, just don’t save when someone is naked.

Improper Clothing: This one isn’t a bug, really: it’s just kind of weird. After undressing and redressing, sometimes clothing layers do not set themselves properly. Madison’s bra, for example, seems to be outside of her shirt. Katherine’s bra has a tendency to poke through her shirt, and sometimes, the player’s boxer shorts can be seen through the pants. Again, there isn’t anything I can do to fix this, but it’s a (somewhat amusing) thing that happens.

Out-of-Place Sound Effects: This is another weird one. After having doing the hippety-bippety with someone, other characters will react to you as though you are naked, even if you’re not. By this, I mean that they’ll put on their shocked faces and make their gasping sound effects. I don’t know why this is. What’s even weirder is that each person at the party has dialogue that triggers if you pull out your pecker in front of them, but this dialogue doesn’t trigger. So the characters are seeing you as naked, but the game is not recognizing your state as such. Nothing game-breaking or anything, but after you run your hot dog up a hallway the first time, be prepared for lots of gasping.

Repeat Sex: It is possible to have sex with the girls repeatedly. Once you’ve finished your first run, you can just go up and ask them again. There are a couple of problems here, however. One is that, for one reason or another, the roaming state will not always stay disabled. If that happens, then the girl will leave the bedroom but still be waiting for you to be alone together in the master bedroom with the door locked. I created a workaround for this in the form of ‘back out’ dialogue. If a girl leaves the master bedroom after you’ve asked her to go around again, just talk to her, tell her you want to wait, talk to her again, and then tell her you want to go another round. This will trigger her return to the master bedroom and will potentially disable her roaming ability again. The only time this is really a problem is when there are other people in the master bedroom, because though each girl is supposed to be in a ‘shoo others’ state when waiting for the player to trigger sexy times, other characters do not always leave the room quickly.

There is also a problem with repeating sex with Madison: sometimes, the dialogue to initiate simply will not trigger. There is no evident reason for this that I can find – her dialogue is set up the same way as all the other girls, and none of them have a problem – and it doesn’t always happen, but it happens occasionally. If you really like Madison, you might be well-served to create a save before you ask her the first time to get around this issue. That way, if you do run into it, you can just reload the save and do it the first time over and over again. Again, I don’t know what the issue is: no other girl seems to have that problem.

Potential Issues: These next two things aren’t problems for sure – I think I’ve fixed them – but they might crop up. The problem with play-testing something yourself is that, after a while, you kind of forget what you’ve tried and haven’t tried to figure out where the bugs might be.

The first one is that there are certain dialogue options that need to be ‘always available’ because the character you’re talking to has to be able to refuse to respond properly unless you’ve met certain conditions. I believe that all these dialogue options are set to ‘always available,’ but I can’t say for sure. Again, I’ve play-tested this game so many times that I can’t remember if I’ve gone up to every character to attempt to trigger these dialogues before I’ve met the conditions. Early on, I often found myself meeting the conditions accidentally, because I knew what they were. I tried to slow myself down and make sure I had checked that they were always available when necessary, but I can’t say with any certainty that I’ve checked them all. Unfortunately, if a dialogue that should be ‘always available’ is triggered early, and you cannot re-initiate the dialogue after you’ve met the conditions, you’re going to be stuck: each character’s story intertwines with the others to the point that it’s impossible to finish one story independently of all the others. They interlock. That was by design – again, to test out the dialogue system’s functionality – but it might make for some frustration for the players if they hit a wall and don’t realize they’ve hit it. The best way to avoid this is to save often, just so that you have an earlier to state to load up if you hit this problem.

The second – and I think I’ve fixed this, but I’m not 100% sure – involves the dialogue that triggers your naked flagrante. There are four dialogue triggers necessary for this: two for your first time with a girl, and two for any time after the first. The first dialogue trigger makes the girl ‘prepare’ for sex: she takes off her top, bottoms and shoes and lies down on the bed. The second actually initiates the sex: it has the girl take off her bra (if she’s wearing one), her underwear, has the player strip naked and actually initiates the filthy, dirty, immoral act you’re looking to initiate. Initially, I forgot to make it so that the ‘preparation’ dialogue could not be triggered if the girl was already prepared. This is an issue because if you try and make a girl re-prepare for sex, she’ll get stuck on the bed in this weird movement loop and you won’t be able to talk to her to initiate the bouncy naked yum yum time (I’m running out of cute euphemisms for ‘sex’). Your ‘prepare’ dialogue is different depending on whether or not it’s your first time, but the ‘initiate’ dialogue is always the same (usually some variation on the phrase ‘let’s do this, please’). Basically, what I’m saying is that if you notice that the ‘prepare’ dialogue is available even after the girl is lying on the bed, do not click it. If you do, the girl will get caught in a weird ‘I need to lay down on the bed but I’m already lying on the bed so I’m going to stand up and get stuck’ loop, and you’ll have to reload a save to get her out of it. I think I’ve gone in and fixed all these instances, but since I have to start the story from scratch every time I make a change, it’s possible that I might have missed one.

If you run into any of the above bugs – or find one that isn’t mentioned here - and it’s something that I can fix, I’ll go in, fix it and upload a new version. Maybe bold the word ‘bug’ so that it catches my eye easier or something; it’s up to you. When it comes down to it, this story is only good if the player-base likes it, so I’ll do my best to make it as enjoyable an experience as I can. I won’t be making any huge changes, because I’m getting ready to move on to a new project, but I will definitely fix minor issues that impede progress, or cause annoyance.

Version History
You can find version 1.0, 1.3 and 1.4 downloads below. I'm leaving 1.0 available in case the changes I made in 1.4 (or any future version) accidentally messed with something else. 1.0 is janky in places - some of the dialogue options need to be triggered as soon as they become available, or they will disappear, and others should not be triggered until the appropriate conditions are met - but it is possible to take all the girls to bed, which is important.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to circumvent some of the problems people have been having with initiating sex, I've introduced two methods to do so. The first is the 'fuck' command, which should appear while the girl is lying on the bed and the player is naked and speaks with her. In the event that the command doesn't appear, you can initiate a dialogue with the girl while she is lying on the bed that will strip the player naked and start missionary sex. Certain characters, regardless of their state of dress, don't seem to play well with the 'fuck' command, so this should fix that issue. If one does not work, you can use the other (remember that the dialogue option takes a few seconds to initiate, because it first undresses both the girl and the player).

Version 1.0: (August 3rd, 2017): Initial release.

Version 1.1: (August 4th, 2017): First update. Minor spelling mistakes addressed. It should now be impossible to initiate sex with a girl before she is lying on the bed in the master bedroom.

Version 1.2 (August 4th, 2017): Second update. Triggering conversations with Brittney early should no longer stop you from progressing later.
The issue with Madison and Stephanie not having dialogue to initiate sex should be fixed. The story creator suggests that Rachael and Katherine would have had this problem as well, but that should no longer be the case.

Version 1.3 (August 4th, 2017): Third update. Removed the new conditions for triggering sex, as they caused more problems than they solved.
Left all of the other fixes included in 1.1 and 1.2. It is now possible to trigger sex before the girl is on the bed, but it is highly recommended that you don't.

Version 1.4 (August 5th, 2017): Fourth update. Cumulative bug fixes from previous versions. Inventory items received through dialogue should no longer disappear upon reload. Fixed clothing glitch (except for player boxers; to avoid that one, simply put on your pants without putting on your boxers first). Introduced two ways to initiate sex (dialogue and 'fuck' command). The dialogue that triggers sex should no longer appear before the girl is lying on the bed. It should no longer be possible to get locked out of dialogue with Brittney at any point.

What's Next
This little blurb is completely arrogant: why would I possibly think that anyone is interested in what I plan on working on next? But, if you really do enjoy this story – or think that the creator has a little bit of potential (and I thank you if you do), I’ve got a few ideas. The only real things holding me back are the current constraints of the story creator. I had an idea, for example, about a story where you’re trapped in a room with one of the girls and have to use various items and dialogue choices to calm her down enough to help you escape (I don’t know what would happen once you’re out: haven’t thought that much about it), but there’s no real way to change item locations or the spawn points of the characters, so I can’t do that right now.

I had another idea for this darkly humorous story involving the murder of one of the party-goers (read: Frank or Patrick. I wouldn’t lock off a potential partner for the player), which I actually think I could do pretty easily, since there are ways and means to have a character get ‘killed’ off-screen. You could solve the murder mystery and have yourself some good old adult fun while you’re at it. And while it’s definitely weird, there’s something amusing – in an off-beat, ‘that’s taboo’ kind of way about the player having a pillow-less pillow fight with a woman while the guy she murdered is lying dead in the garage. Priorities, right?

But I think – because I experimented so heavily with the dialogue system in this game – that my next story is actually going to be a simple ‘truth-or-dare’ style game. All of the characters are hanging out in the main room, and they’re just getting everyone else to tell truths and do dares at their leisure. And some of the characters have good relationships with the other characters, and some of the characters have bad relationships with the other characters, which will be revealed based on what kind of stuff one character tells another character to do, and if you – through your truths or dares – humiliate someone that another character doesn’t like, you’ll increase your relationship level with them, but also decrease it with whomever you humiliated, and whoever their close friends are. And you can’t do anything too naughty too early, because no one is drunk enough for it yet (it’s going to be a drinking game, obviously, although I don’t know how I’ll work that point in yet), but after everyone’s had enough to drink, you can start doing some more wicked stuff to the people you don’t like, and get the people you do like to engage in some more… exciting stuff with you. That would also add a little bit of replay value, since it’s not going to be possible to do everything with every character in one play, because you’re going to upset some of them.

So yeah: Truth or Dare. That’s going to be my next story, I think. I’m going to take a break from Unity for a couple of days, since I’ve been messing around with the story creator almost every day since House Party went up on Steam, but once I’ve recharged my batteries, I’ll get on with my next story.

And that’s that! If you read any of that – or all of it, but why? – I appreciate it. Well, actually, I appreciate it if you read this thread at all. Feel free to post any questions, comments, criticisms, suggestions, bugs, praises or anything else in the thread, and I hope you enjoy Mystery Invitation. I’ll be back with more soon.
Mystery Invitation v1.4.rar
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Mystery Invitation v1.3.rar
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Mystery Invitation v1.0.rar
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Re: [Complete Story v.1.0] Mystery Invitation []

Postby BABBA » Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:39 pm

Hi, many thanks for doing a new story i always look forwards to new ones. I haven't read your spoilers so i'm looking forward to doing a "blind" test run :)

Thanks for adding to the game

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Re: [Complete Story v.1.0] Mystery Invitation []

Postby Tavesh » Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:46 pm

Just as I was thinking I had done it all you draw me back in with something new! Gonna try this out when I get home.

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Re: [Complete Story v.1.0] Mystery Invitation []

Postby BABBA » Thu Aug 03, 2017 11:26 pm

Can't find any of the booze...

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Re: [Complete Story v.1.0] Mystery Invitation []

Postby bastihard » Fri Aug 04, 2017 12:00 am

BABBA wrote:Can't find any of the booze...
Stuck on the same part all Rachel does is hint at peoples favorite drinks but doesn't appear to be anything anywhere other than soda and Natty lite. Side not Patrick wont seem to progress any further and can reset router for Stephenie as I cant find that either. Maybe I'm just terrible at looking.

After an hour of being stuck Im ready to just jerk off into a solo cup and see if they will just accept that instead. :lol:
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Re: [Complete Story v.1.0] Mystery Invitation []

Postby Yah_Dingus » Fri Aug 04, 2017 1:00 am

bastihard wrote:
BABBA wrote:Can't find any of the booze...
Stuck on the same part all Rachel does is hint at peoples favorite drinks but doesn't appear to be anything anywhere other than soda and Natty lite

I have the same issue. I have played as far as one can get without Rum or Merlot. I was able to find 4 Natty Lite's but it seems that the story does not use them. I was really enjoying the Mod and look forward to a fix! :D

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Re: [Complete Story v.1.0] Mystery Invitation []

Postby MajorGrimbly » Fri Aug 04, 2017 1:15 am

The booze isn't actually lying around the house anywhere (except for the Natty Lites), but actually in the possession of the girls. The idea is that at some point during the party they swapped, but by the time you're collecting alcohol for them, they want their stuff back. Alcohol is the last thing that each girl gives you in her little story arc. Madison, for example, gives you the bottle of Merlot once you give her the rum she wants. That's basically what ties the ends of all the stories together.

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Re: [Complete Story v.1.0] Mystery Invitation []

Postby myth666 » Fri Aug 04, 2017 1:20 am

how do you go about locking the door all i found was the master bathroom key

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Re: [Complete Story v.1.0] Mystery Invitation []

Postby mffr » Fri Aug 04, 2017 1:27 am

Nice story! Really makes you work for stuff :D
Found a typo:
When you ask Rachel about the safe, she tells you to get RACHEL to tell you a certain story instead of MADISON

To the people that are stuck:
you have to pretty much befriend all characters. Only drinks available from the start are coffee, soda, 4 lites and thermos i think. The rest you get when you hand those over to the right people.

myth666 wrote:how do you go about locking the door all i found was the master bathroom key

Key is
downstairs, on the mantle, by the left speaker

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Re: [Complete Story v.1.0] Mystery Invitation []

Postby lucky0502 » Fri Aug 04, 2017 1:30 am

myth666 wrote:how do you go about locking the door all i found was the master bathroom key

the key for the master bedroom is on the fireplace.

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