Custom Story Challenge (Win Free Access for Life to all House Party Versions)!

Here you can post and share any custom stories you have written with the House Party Custom Story Creator Tool.

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Custom Story Challenge (Win Free Access for Life to all House Party Versions)!

Postby Bobby » Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:24 pm

Hey guys,

In an effort to build this community, I am launching an official contest for custom House Party stories. Each month, based on the stories submitted to this forum, I will be choosing a "Story of the Month". The winner of the "Story of the Month" contest will have their story featured on the blog and be included in the next release of House Party as well as receive free updates of the latest version of the game ($15.00/month value) for life!

The contest will start in the month of March, so the first winner will be announced on 3/20/17!

Contest Rules:

Winners will be announced every month on the 25th day of each month. All stories submitted to the forum each month before the 20th will be considered. If you submitted your story and it was not chosen for the month, it will automatically be considered as a candidate for the following month's winner, so please continue to maintain your stories and keep them compatible with the latest version of the game.

I will choose the story that I think best suits the game and judge based on creativity and quality of content each month.

Mark any story you are officially submitting like so: [Complete Story] Story Name [House Party Version Number]. So for instance, if your story name is "Frank is a Dick", and the story is 100% working in the version of the game, you would create a new forum post in the Story Showcase with the following title: [Complete Story] Frank is a Dick []

If you are still working on your story, please don't mark it as such. You can still post beta and test versions of the story in the forum, but it would be helpful if you could also mark those, for instance [Incomplete Story] Frank is a Dick []. When the story is finished, you can create a new topic with the Complete Story tag.

Winners will be put on a list to receive free monthly updates of all of the latest builds of the game. The only requirement is that you stay a follower (not supporter) on Patreon, so I can send out the new builds all in one place each month. Your support at that point is optional.

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