bug/issue report

This forum is for posting any bugs you find with the House Party game. Please do not ask for help with the game in this forum. Use the main House Party forum for that. Only post things that you feel are a problem with the programming or the game not doing what it is supposed to. Each bug listed in this forum will be treated like a ticket and will be marked when it is fixed or resolved.

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bug/issue report

Postby +air » Fri Jan 05, 2018 3:48 am

Windows 7 64 bit
intel i7
House party 8.3 beta

What I have found so far:

After finishing the change of hart quest, Ashley puts her panties back on. I removed them with console, but she still got them back when she got in the hot tub

Same for vickie, she takes her panties back on when she sits down in the hot tub after sex.

Frank goes outside and sits in one of the lawn chairs sometimes after beating up Patrick

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