[0.8.8+] Intimacy pose alignment

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[0.8.8+] Intimacy pose alignment

Post by peter980 » Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:19 pm

0.9.2 did good job of aligning new poses introduced in that release.

But some older poses need a work. BJ poses need small tweak. They are most often not centered, exempt for couple of characters that use them in Original Story.

Also, girl masturbation is only aligned properly for Rachael.

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Re: [0.8.8+] Intimacy pose alignment

Post by LLLeon2017 » Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:07 pm

This is mostly for the new release of 0.9.3 but some items where also present in the 0.8.8
of the game too.

The sixtynine position needs adjustment so player and partner are closer together for ALL
interactions with the girls.. Right now both character's Mouths to Genitalia are too far from
each other to fulfill the act and orgasm for either actor takes forever. Add to this that you
can see by her shadow in the 69 position that her hand is not on the avatar's organ. It is in
the air stroking just air.

Also. Cunnilingus intimacy is WAY off.. The player head is sticking out of the girl's stomach.
From first person view the receiver's breasts are right in front of player's nose. The position
should at least be like 0.7.3 where you can just SEE the pie at your chin. When I tested this
on 2 NPC characters it verified the giver's head is litterally sticking through the receiver's
stomach and at some angles you can see the receiver's pie UNDER the giver's head.

Some of the blowjob interactions still need some adjustments. Not just left/right so that it
is actually in the giver's mouth, not on her sholder, but up and down so that it is in line with
her mouth not sticking her in an eye or through her forehead. Their hands need adjusted as

Example for checking this would be the sixtynine position. Player/NPC are too far from each
other's parts to fully recognize the act. And her hand is not on the organ. It is in the air off
line of where it sticks up.

Some of the BJ positions do the same thing with the hand. It ends up stroking air and not the

Otherwise the game play in 0.9.3 is much better than the beta 0.9.2.

The only graphix issues I have run into is Katherine's dissappearing act during completion of
the bed kat goal. If you look up at her in missionary and then slightly look up (move mouse
to raise head) she vanishes! Look back down and she re-appears. Pillows, etc in the same
places in both cases. It's a very tight alignment point where the blinks in and blinks out.

Has the updated console commands list been completed yet? It needs to have link chain type
examples of the commands string so that we know what to put in which position since the in-
put arrangements have changed so much. I tried finding this by using help tools in the console
but keep getting an error no matter what order I type in the help XXX command subject so I
can get help in the console.

OH! Also.. I ran into a Frank disappeared situation too! It took me a while wondering around
looking into all the places the characters roam to and I still could not find him.. I found him
in the closet between Ashley's room and the laptop study room upstairs.. I have no idea how
he ended up in the closet we can not open but his feet, knees, hands and arms kept popping
through the closet doors. I didn't look that hard until Frank responded to me dropping trow
for Amy in Ashley's room when his "Put that away" comment came out of no where..

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