0.9.3 "Fix" Update (4/15/18)

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0.9.3 "Fix" Update (4/15/18)

Post by erasmus » Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:05 pm

Alrighty folks, so the 0.9.3 "fix' update to cover the 0.9.2 issues is released on Patreon and via the Steam Betas branch. By tomorrow in the mid afternoon (4/16 US EST) we'll have the update pushed to ALL Steam users, regardless of Beta opt-in, and all other sales/distribution sites. We will also have release notes up at that time, which will cover everything from the last Steam update (0.8.8) to 0.9.3.

For our Steam users, to get the update today (4/15 US EST) you will need to go into the same page that gave you 0.9.2 access (Steam Library - House Party - Properties - Betas) and select 0.9.3 from the dropdown and hit Close to opt in.

This patch includes fixes for various bugs that were reported to our team, and a number of system and graphics updates. We hope that this allows you all to enjoy the latest content as it was intended. Please continue being patient with us as this is an Early Release title.

More updates will be forthcoming in the next few weeks regarding what's next for new content, bug fixes, and game additions! Thank you all for your support and understanding!
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