Just a Minor Suggestion

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Just a Minor Suggestion

Postby jaegerilla » Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:33 pm

Ok, Obviously I love the game or I wouldn't waste my time. Thank you for what you have done. BUT... I'd like to make a suggestion. Instead of updates and new stories for the game, what if you upgraded to unity 2017, stuck with that format, created tons of usable interactions, objects, and left the stories up to us? It would be like garry's mod only for pervs. I'm sure this community would not disappoint. For example.... it took me forever to find bed edge.... what if there was coffee table edge, booze table edge, couch edge, hot tub edge, yard edge... get where i'm going here? Make it completely customizable with story creator and let us play. It could be big. Think about it. Please.

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Re: Just a Minor Suggestion

Postby ttant » Tue Jul 25, 2017 4:38 pm

I don't think upgrading to unity 2017 would do that, as all defined items/doors/whatever are created especially for this game and only the one defined by the hp engine can be used in the custom story...
Furthermore unity 2017 is quite young and might have some new issues/regressions that the previous major version hasn't.
Unity 5.6.x works pretty well so why bother to migrate to a new engine which has not proven itself yet ?
I prefer that the devs migrate to unity 2017 around September when we can be assured that all "young" issue are fixed.

In my pov : Never uses top of the edge technologies in a stable product. You never know if the issue is on your side or on the third parties ones. Always uses stable release, especially when your product is used by a great amount of users.

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