Question About Frank

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Question About Frank

Is frank invincible by default I put him in one of my custom stories and fought him? He took zero damage and this is with a character who's strength I increased to 150. Any thoughts?
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Re: Question About Frank

Frank's Character script (a back-end thing) sets his Stamina to 10 (100% damage reduction) by default. You have to ensure his Stamina is less than 10 to ensure he takes damage.

For reference:

More Stam = More Damage Reduction

0 Stam = 0 damage reduction, and much, much more often will get "long stunned/staggered"

5+ Stam and Characters cannot get "long stunned/staggered" unless they are hit by a "Super Attack" (Backward/S + Attack)

11+ Stam = Heal on Hit
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