0.18.2 Going Live!

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0.18.2 Going Live!

Post by erasmus »

0.18.2 is going LIVE for ALL customers over the course of the next 24h! Patreon and Steam are already updated, and GameJolt and itch.io updates are coming very soon. Look for e-mails or other notifications if you access or purchased HP through those sites.

Release notes and official news post(s) will go up shortly. If you gotta have them sweet, saucy notes NOW, as always refer here: https://housepartygame.com/release-notes/

For any other questions about what's been added to the game or what's coming up in the future, refer to FAQ links here, on Steam, Discord, etc.

The next Custom Story Creator update will be out next week.

We hope that you enjoy this update, and thank you for your support and feedback!

Fine-ass Print:

As with many updates, old saves from 0.17.3 and prior will not be usable in 0.18.2.

Between our efforts to get content out to everyone more quickly (we're already working on 0.19.x!) and wanting to get this update out for you to enjoy over the holidays, you may see dialogues that were not voice acted or translations missing in certain languages. We will address all of those in 0.19.x.

Yes this is a copy and paste from elsewhere, but forum peoples, if you're wondering...yes. I have special feels for you. Now...*sniffle*...and forever.
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