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New Feature suggestions/tweaks

Post by Naphalm » Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:13 pm

Hey Eek Peeps,
So firstly let me say that I think your game is awesome and I love your work and creative story ideas.
I have some ideas, you've probably already considered them or they've already been commented on so sorry about that in advance. Nothing in this list really detracts from game play but what I would consider an improvement... if anyone agrees or disagrees feel free to comment!

Save Files
1. In the options menu, the save files are ordered alphabetically with no other details. This puts the responsibility on the user to ensurr correct naming conventions when it would be a lot easier (on the user) to see a save time and be able to organise by that value.

2. Following on from that, when you save, there isnt any ability to choose a save file to overwrite. You have to guess the names of your save files.

3. Finally when you load a file, when you next go to save it doesnt remember the last save name (or at least, the name of the file you loaded).

4. During the Rachel quest line she gives herself a beautifully sounding orgasm. Yet where is that wonderful sound bite during sex??? I filled that bar up and my reward is moving straight to dialog. I appreciate that all women are different, I like Katherines quick gasp for example but thats kinda it really for orgasm related sounds during sex. So - more reward for filling the bar please!!!

Conversation options
5. I like the humour when you do this but part of me grumbles when the only good response to Rachel asking you how you know madison is the video game answer. I know this is just my personal grevence though...

6. Patrick and his mobile! Why does the option to borrow his phone come up when you have no reason for it yet! It doesnt make sense. Other dialog paths only appear when the reason for it comes up. It's your characters ability to look into the future.

I think that was all the features I noticed. I will be posting about some bugs I found too, later. Really it is all trivial, I love this game :)


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