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0.17.3 is Live on Steam!

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2020 9:58 am
by erasmus ... 3415846873

Oh snapples bruhs! It's here! You down to clown with your buddy from uptown? ...I actually don't know where Derek is from. He has a snobby, uptown vibe, though. Elites, amirite?

Moving along: Patreon, Game Jolt, and updates are all in the works. A CSC update should be about 1-2 weeks away. Note: old savegames will not work with this update, and that until we release a new CSC version, custom stories will not work because story creators won't be able to update their stories to 0.17.3. It's not them, it's us. It usually is.

Furthermore, we've started adding translation support to some system text and UI elements, but we aren't quite done yet. If you are using a language other than English and still see un-translated UI...we got you. At least in another update or two we will. We're planning to get you. I'll just stop.