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0.16.5 is LIVE on Steam! Coming soon to Game Jolt,, and Patreon!

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 1:33 pm
by erasmus ... e-release/ ... 4613011012 ... 9927770113

Ohhhhh shit! A few quick notes:

It is strongly recommended that you start a new game, as old saves may not work due to the sheer number of changes in this update.

The next update to the CSC will be out later this week or near the beginning of next week.

Due to complications from the global pandemic, our German and Chinese translations will be delayed. More news to come shortly.

由于全球大流行带来的复杂性,我们的德语和中文翻译将被延迟。 不久将会有更多新闻。

Aufgrund der Komplikationen der globalen Pandemie werden sich unsere deutschen und chinesischen Übersetzungen verzögern. Weitere Neuigkeiten folgen in Kürze.