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In this forum you can submit wish list items for the Custom Story Creator. If you are stuck in your story and need the ability to do something, this is the place to post a request to build a way to do it into the story creator. I will be giving priority to new things I work on with the story creator to items posted in this forum as I want the Story Creator community to grow.

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Visual Story Tool

Postby goodjama » Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:59 am

I started using the tool through Unity, and I have to say that it's very hard to keep track of dependencies. It sounds like at one point, you could "play" the scenes as you edit, and instead you have to export / load game / use debug commands to skip to your changes. it takes really long to try something out.

I'm not a great programmer, but I know enough to see that the stories seem to be in some kind of structured format. (json?) if that's the case, is maybe there's a way to visualize the story elements, with required fields when you add/remove items, and show the dependencies in some kind of flow chart? (so it shows the sequence of activities, based on dependent story criteria for a character)

That might help make it easy to put together more custom stories, and you could still require Unity to export it to the game.

I think this would increase the number of people in the community trying new things, or help you make a marketplace of custom stories.

please and thank you

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