[Not Implemented] More camera parameters

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[Not Implemented] More camera parameters

Postby Viceguy » Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:26 pm

Right now we have the options to check for camera:[character name] or camera:naked:[character name], which will give us the amount of photos of that character, naked or overall.

It would be great if the camera recorded the complete state list of each character when you take a picture, so we could check for any state.
I can see a lot of interesting possibilities in checking for states such as Crouching, Is Dancing, In Combat, Topless, etc.

Just that would allow me to make more than one questline around taking photos of things if these options were there.

There are some additions that would make it even more interesting, but may or may not be worth the work.
- Allowing "anybody" instead of a character name. (Get a picture of any naked girl would be camera:naked:anybody => 1)
- Allowing "unique" instead of a character name. Only counts unique characters. (Get pictures of 4 naked girls would be camera:naked:unique => 4)
- Counting the player as a character. (A dick pick would be camera:naked:player => 1)

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