[small custom story] Want to enjoy Rachel more than once

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[small custom story] Want to enjoy Rachel more than once

Postby panzer.tc » Tue Dec 26, 2017 3:52 am

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas today! (Christmas is not even completely over and he's already asking for Christmas presents again.) :D

I have a few question for our modd'ers, is it possible to tweak the original story so I can have sex with Rachel and Ashley more than once (Just as I can with Katherine, and Madison).

And how about a reward from Ashley when I "turn the tables" for her and blackmail Madison and make her parade around naked? In the 'Original Story' the only reward for that 'Quest' is I get to letch over Madison being nude. I get BJ's on demand from Madison for pulling a prank on Ashley; why not at least the same from Ashley when I prank/blackmail Madison?

Upon completion of Katherine's Quest, I get to have sex whenever I want, why can't I get Rachel into the bed as often as I want when I complete her Quest? Is that something that can be changed relatively easy?

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