just basic feedback

In this forum you can submit wish list items for the Custom Story Creator. If you are stuck in your story and need the ability to do something, this is the place to post a request to build a way to do it into the story creator. I will be giving priority to new things I work on with the story creator to items posted in this forum as I want the Story Creator community to grow.

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just basic feedback

Postby kratier » Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:49 am

i played your game for like atleast a couple hours, it was entertaining but -
save menu is utterly frustrating, 10 limit, and if youre just overwriting saves it stick blocks you from making the save
that should be #1 priority

for the game as a platform, i'd suggest new locations, and the ability to choose from a selection of girls, then have the dynamics of a "party" with those girls vary due to selection. this would allow you to have a more formulaic approach to the game and future content.

also, allow customization of the girls, piercings, haircolor, makeup (like through in game menu)

as for sex itself, a lot of lipsync is doll-like very mute and unexpressive faces, skin textures are completely flat, i think you can do some basic texture filtering to make the skin texture look like skin, real basic things like reflective surfaces on skin texture to make it glow/shine

also no sort of sweat, fluids of any kind beyond that 1 ejaculate effect, why does it atleast appear on the people even if for a brief time, and there be some sort of reaction, most actors are very flat and unexpressive

also for sex itself, like its very limited in terms of animations, your entire game revolves around getting laid, but like you have 1 animation per person it defaults to, and over half the time your animations dont even line up properly, girl is giving head to thin air or your dick is clipping through their head

i think itd be pretty important to atleast, like the most basics aspects of everything, also things like, everyone in a hot tub but no one is wet even just a basic shine effect would go a long way, also the eyes, very flat dead eyes, no shine or reflection on them

also if you just turn off the music, your game is DEAD SILENT, no ambient noises beyond the fireplace sound

and have you thought about like any player agency in sex, like the way oral sex is, or anything at all beyond a flat animation playing

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Re: just basic feedback

Postby LLLeon2017 » Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:30 pm

Need a little prompting help with Stephanie conversation process to get to the $50.00 action..

Had to use console to get her panties off to trigger disk control prompt for action after more
than a dozen tries.

Also. Need more AMY interaction and story expansion ASAP!!! Too cute to wait for it! LOL...

Especially after custom story Model Mayhem. WOW.. Might consider refining and incorporating
that storyline in the main story too!!

Finally got somewhere with the Rachael story after 7.7 release! THANK YOU!! NEED MORE!! LOL

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