[game suggestion] New Quest Idea & New Character and two New Items

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Dick Justice
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[game suggestion] New Quest Idea & New Character and two New Items

Postby Dick Justice » Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:42 am

Hello guys ı was thinking new creative and funny ideas for the game and ı wanted to share with you some of them ım working on new ideas and forcing my imagination and creativity so lets get start.
Well ı have more quest ideas, items and also some characters in my mind so ı want to start with character first and it has few quests and ı believe it will take your time ıf devs can implent in a game
and put some items to hard locations. So let me talk about you brittney's quest now.

Well we will have new character in this quest and this character will be connected with brittney and it will be bisexual character and she is brittney's girlfriend (brittney is lesbian if you dont know.) well
she is bisexual because quest is about some jealousy and some revenge. Now ı will talk about how quest begins. After we make stephanie dance topless in downstairs we will tell brittney she can come down and after she joins the others
We will talk with her again and in this position we need new dialogs for start to quest. I thought about some dialogs what it can be and ı have some so after she join the others like ı said we will ask her to "Hey are you feeling better now?" or something like that
and our relation bar improves a bit for asking that to her she will answer to us like this: "Aww you are so thoughtful, thank you. Yes ım feeling better now but ı missed my girlfriend you know ı wish her to be there..." After that dialog we will click on her again and it appear new dialog and
we can ask her she's girlfriends name and where is she and she will tell us: "She's name is Ava but you know we argued each other when we meet last week so ı dont think she can come here because of me." After that dialog ends quest gonna start and ı also think name for it, its name will be Renunion.
We will go to Derek and ask him about he knows anything about that argument between brittney and she's girlfriend. He will tell us: "Yeah dude ı heard somethings about that argument but ı have no enough information but hey why dont you ask Amy about that? She talked with brittney before you came here."
After that we will talk with Amy about that and ask her she knows anything about brittney and her girlfriend and she will say us: "Oh yeah we talked about that. But why do you ask?" We will have few dialog options here devs can add creative lines there so after picking the right dialog she will tell us:
"Oh okay... Well thats a little bit weird, they argued about their boobs. I know that sounds like crazy but she told me something like that and shown me their messages about that. Thats all ı know but she told me Ava insulted her about boobs." after that we will talk Britney again about that and tell her:
Well ı heard what happened with your girlfriend and ı dont thinks your boobs are bad." After that our relation bar will fill some more and she will tell us:"Oh do you really think that way?" After that our character will say:"Of course! You are so cute and adorable why someone would think like that?" After that our relation bar fill little bit more and she will say:
"You know when we first met with you upstairs ı thought you are the stupid like the patrick well ı accept ı was wrong. So that means ı can trust you little bit more now. Well still ı dont think my breast still looks pretty." After that long dialog we will have dialog options again but ı thought on that little bit more and correct answer it can be like that. "Well actually ıf ı could see your boobs without your bra ı can say the truth. But ıf you are dont trust me enough forget about ıt. Sorry to tell you that."
After that she will tell us:" Well normally ı never show my boobs other guys but ı have some feelings about ı can trust you. Okay ı want your real opinion about my boobs so lets go some more private place." After that she will lead us to master bathroom and she will want us to lock room door and toilet door. We will lock both doors and she will tell us: "Hurry up and tell me what you are thinking, be honest." We will say okay and she will open her boobs( devs can add funny dialogs in there) after 5 or 8 seconds she will put her bra back automaticly and ask us
what are we thinking and again we will have dialog options. We will say positive things about her boobies and our relation bar will increase again. After that she will want us to unlock doors. We will unlock and after unlocking both doors she will tell us she will talk her girlfriend about that alone in more private place. After that she will take out her phone and go to garage we will fallow her and after that another quest will be start and it name can be Ava's number. After quest starts we have limited time before their conversation ends and before that we have to grab her phone to learn ava's number
because ıf we can grab her phone before she closes that means we can reach Ava's phone number in past calls because ıf she dont closes phone we have no password issue to worry about so we will search drawers for flaslight and we have to be quick. After founding flashlight. We will run the garden and find power switch to shut all house's electric for a little time. After we find the power switch we will shut down and all electrics will be gone for a minute but Madison will come to open power switch again so before that happens we will run into garage with our flashlight and click on britney.(devs have to add hit option to hit her hand and
make her drop the phone and also for flaslight they can add two or four hidden battery in different rooms so that makes quest harder.) after hitting her hand she will drop her phone and will say:" Oh hey who are you what the fuck." We will say not any words (she will drop phone in front of us.) We will take her phone and go to upstairs and lock us in bathroom. After powers back on she will start to searching area for her phone and ıf she finds her phone found us mission will fail so we need to be carefull. After we find Ava's number we will also learn brittney's own phone number (like in rachel's mission.) after that we will unlock quickly bathroom door find patrick
and tell him lie about brittney's phone its like this:" Hey brittney is in the toilet she wanted me to give you her phone until she comes out." Patrick will accepts the phone and take it. After that we will go katherine and tell her we need one more phone hacking. She will accept it and we will go tou router room and she will ask us numbers we will send message to Ava so we will pick reciever as Ava and sender as brittney (we will have to use patricks phone also for that mission for use brittney's number.) after picking those she will ask you what we want to tell her. We will have dialog options again. (I have some ideas but ı dont want to add too much detail for now because its already too detailed for now ım sure devs can find good dialogs for that part.)
We will say here we want to meet and tell her our boobs better than her boobs. After few seconds she will message us back and tell us: "Im coming there immediately and we will see whose boobs are better." After that we will wait again like we wait for vickie to join party she will come and we will talk her and meet. After the meeting we will click her again and she will say us she is here for something to solve with brittney and introduce her as brittney's girlfriend. We will tell her we heard that argument about each other brittney and ava and after that she will ask us how we heard we will tell her amy told us and we talked about that situation with britney. She will ask us what we talked about that situation we will tell her the truth we said her boobs are pretty.
She will get mad and she will tell us her boobs are better. We will tell her we cant say anything before seing it she will tell us to go upstairs in master bedroom and show us her boobs in there( she will have big boobs also like brittney for the quest) we will say she's boobs are great too but without seing brittney and Ava's boobs same time we cant decide it(After that point Quest will be updated and gets new name and its name Boob fight.). After that Ava will tell us she will talk that about brittney. (devs can add creative dialogs here again ı dont want to keep so long that parts.) After the dialog between brittney and Ava, Ava will say us:"Wait me and brittney in bedroom we will come for a minute." We will accept it and go bedroom and wait them after that Ava will come room first without brittney and she will offer us to deal. Deal is simple she will sex with us to
say us her boobs beatifull then brittney we will ask her to she is not lesbian like brittney? she will tell us brittney dont knows but she is bisexual so after that dialog we will allow the deal and she will sex with us and our relation bar will fill to half (she will sex with us because ı told you guys at the start she is bisexual ;) ) after having sex she will tell us she will go downstairs and call brittney. We will allow it then both will come into room and both gonna take out their bra after that both will ask what do you think we can make them pose for making better desicion alibi and after that wewill have only two options in that point one is "Ava's boobs are better." and other option is "Brittney's boobs are better." so ıf we choose Ava we will lose our chance with brittney completely but we will get full relation with ava
and also we can have sex with her whenever we want. But ıf we pick brittney we will lost our relation with Ava she will tell us:" How could you do this ı trusted you you dumbass!" and will leave to room and we will full relation with brittney and she will tell us:" Wow ım so happy right now thank you so much. Well you earned some reward after all you did to me ı. You know ım lesbian normally but for today ı can make exception for you and ım not gonna lie ı've never seen penis before ım wondering what is it looks like. So give me a minute go out the room and come back after a minute we will accept it she will lay donw on bed after conversation ends and we will close the door she will prapare herself for us (like in katherine mission and we can finally fuck brittney.)

Well ıt took a long time to think this but ım happy to share with you my idea guys ı know its not guarantee to be implent in a game but like ı said at least ı tought ı can give devs new ideas or different perspective for doing new quest thats why ı shared my idea here but ıf devs can add this quest in a game i will be very happ and you guys gonna like it ı believe in that :D I know maybe some of you didnt like it but at least ı think some people can love this maybe they cant add all same thing up there in game but it can be similiar quest like up there. Well ı have still more ideas for game like quests, characters, and items told you before ı will making some editing on them and share with all of you again tell me what do you think about that please it took too much time to create all of that ım waiting your feedback guys ı will be with you with more contents stay

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Re: New Quest Idea & New Character and two New Item (Not Implented In The game)

Postby jikmml » Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:04 am

It doesn't strictly say she's a lesbian, it says "I heard she's a lesbian"

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Re: New Quest Idea & New Character and two New Item (Not Implented In The game)

Postby LLLeon2017 » Sat Dec 09, 2017 1:18 am

Considering her response when she sees player's organ if not in a custom story it seems reasonable to consider her to be lesbian.

As for other "New Characters"... What about Katherine's boyfriend.. The "Dick"??

Are we going to see "Him" in the story anytime soon? Say.. For example.. Showing up after her phone call of sex with player to
get him riled up for treating her so badly.. To seek out the man who "diddled his treasure" till she got happy so to speak??

I can see a number of ways this storyline could roll... But at least one of them means the developers need to get PLAYER'S
combat abilities in place well before this fellow shows up to kick the player's arse!!!

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