[Not Implemented] Additional Prop Ideas

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[Not Implemented] Additional Prop Ideas

Unfortunately, I'm coming to this pretty late in the development cycle, but I've been working with the story editor, quite a bit, and there is a few things I think that would be useful that individually aren't necessarily taxing items. I know that the hope is to just finish things up to move on to the next couple games, but I also believe that how custom content gets supported allows many games to outlive those that don't have similar support. With that in mind... here are some things that could be useful in the game that I haven't seen elsewhere on the forums:

Whipped cream bikini - This is inspired by the fact that there is a whipped cream can already in the game, and it gives another use for that prop (and could make a choice on what to do with that can). I'd envision the most likely place for this, is as alternate underwear for Rachael, which could be scripted as an alternate dare.

Enough underwear props for all the girls. - Lots of obvious uses for this, including the ability to build out a trophy hunting achievement or quest.

Lingerie - I see this as the hardest one to implement here, but something like a teddy would stand out against the norm. I could see several use cases, including stealing Madison's lingerie as part of a prank, needing it for a scavenger hunt, stealing it for someone else to wear as part of a plot, or convincing Madison to wear it. Each different use obviously has additional resources needed, so wouldn't expect all cases if any.

Shot glasses - Giving the ability to pour shots seems useful at a party once some alcohol has been procured. More ambitious could involve shot taking animations (I could see syncing up multiple people taking shots together), or even a way to set up body shots. (Good for games, dares, etc.)

Snacks - The lack of food is definitely part of the plot of the party, but what if you could raid the garage, pantry, or even Ashley's closet and get some nachos, chips and dip, or sandwiches out. Could be a way to score some points with party guests. This doesn't seem intensive, and could give uses for existing and new resources. (Do I chop up that salami for sandwiches, or save it for...other uses. Or do I figure out how to have it pull double duty with lots of comments on the taste of the resulting sandwiches?)
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Re: [Not Implemented] Additional Prop Ideas

Dice - Although dice props aren't needed to add dice games, now that I'm aware of the random integer function having been added, a dice prop would be nice. (Also opens up having to find/fetch dice for a game.)

Minigames dice enable:
3 man
6 cups (this also may be a stretch in how solo cups can be used.)
2 dice

These could all be done as drinking games, strip games, "favors" games, or a mix of the 3. This seems to give the possibility for one or more minigames at relatively "low cost" in terms of difficulty to create.

More solo cup interactivity - Going along with 6 cups above, it would be nice if solo cups...
a. Could be placed
b. Can be full/empty with a visual
c. Could have numbers/names visually written on them
d. Could have an animation to pick up off a table, shotgun it, and set it down
e. Could be "filled" with an animation from alcohol (not pouring liquid, just the motion)

I know, way too much to ask there, but want to get the idea out there, since I feel that would be equally useful in office parties.
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