Auto-Pruning (Deletion) of Forum Content (Updated 2/17)

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Auto-Pruning (Deletion) of Forum Content (Updated 2/17)

Post by erasmus »

Okay so here's the short and final update: no forums or subforums will auto-prune/delete content, EXCEPT for the Custom Story Showcase where custom story files are posted. The only reason this forum is being auto-pruned is so that players cannot accidentally obtain copies of old custom stories that no longer work, and to ensure a focus on fresh, actively updated content.

Custom Story Showcase posts will be reviewed every 30 days by the phpBB system and if they have not been posted to in 8 months, they will be removed. We will also occasionally perform a manual review of the Custom Story Showcase forum.

Note that this does NOT mean we are reviewing them for quality or types of content. We aren't Steam, folks ;)

Re-direct links created when moderators/admins move a post from one forum to another forum will remain for 7 days. At that time the original post will be removed, leaving only the moved post in its new location.

For transparency, and to showcase how even the best of us can be rather dumb at times, here is the old rule set which is now DISCARDED:
To avoid clutter and only keep the most recent content, helpful information, and custom stories visible to our users, all forums (except the Custom Story Showcase) will use the following auto-pruning (read as: 'deletion') settings:

Every 15 days there will be a check for the following (does not apply to stickies or announcements):

Has there been a post in approximately 90 days? If not, deleted.
Has the post been viewed in approximately the last 120 days? If not, deleted.
Is the post a redirect/shadow post that redirects to another subforum, and has that redirect been present for more than 4 days? If so, deleted.

The Custom Story Showcase only checks once a month on its threads, and allows threads to exist if they are not posted in for up to 120 days, and without any views for up to 180 days. This is so users don't lose out on seeing a wide variety of custom stories. Redirects from the Custom Story Showcase, however, will be pruned at a faster pace, which is also to ensure story visibility.

Please keep these forum behaviors in mind if you are posting stories or translations for other users to enjoy. Thank you!
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